Sharing Chris Bumstead’s Philosophy, Fitness Influencer Explains Why ‘Most People’ Never Realize Their True Potential: “Either Crumble Under Its Weight or They Avoid It”

Every single day, bodybuilders across the world get conflicting thoughts in their heads and sometimes cannot decide whether they are capable enough to take chances. The fear of failing may haunt them. They try to avoid pressure at all costs and might regret it later. However, the four-time Mr. Olympia, Chris Bumstead, had once pointed out one crucial aspect that helps people understand their capabilities. And now, another fitness influencer agrees with him.

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Hattie Boydle is a WBFF PRO champion and a fitness influencer. She always posts motivating content on her social media handle and inspires and educates her audience to no end. This time around, she brought up one of CBum’s beneficial philosophies.

Hattie Boydle goes the Chris Bumstead way and talks about pressure being a deciding factor


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In her post on Instagram, Hattie Boydle shared a video of her posing and flexing her well-sculpted physique. In the caption of her post, she declared, “Cbum was right. Pressure is a privilege.” She then goes on to explain how people often avoid and disregard how pressure can help them. She stated, “Most people will never know what they are truly capable of achieving because of the way they handle pressure. They either crumble under its weight or they avoid it at all costs.”

She also mentioned how she is just like any other human who feels the pressure overwhelming, but even then, she does not want to avoid it. She thus quoted, “As Michael Johnson aptly put it, ‘Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity.’ Embrace it.”

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With Mr. Olympia right around the corner, fans are eagerly waiting to see what their idols have been preparing for so long. Amidst the excitement, CBum’s latest comment seems rather concerning.


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Chris Bumstead’s comment about the next Olympia

In his latest Instagram post, Chris Bumstead shared a few pictures of himself. In the caption of the post, however, he wrote something that sounded cryptic but was also an indication to come to watch him compete. He talked about how there were only 3 weeks left for Mr. Oympia and implored his fans to actually witness this year’s show. He stated, “3 weeks to the day. All the posters are coming out and the excitement is definitely ramping up. Hope some of y’all can make it out to the show in Orlando, especially you east coasters. You never know if we’ll be back out west next year.”


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Pressure is undoubtedly one of the defining moments that can make or break one’s career. Whether one chooses to leave everything behind because they cannot handle it or use the circumstances to bring out the best in them is a matter of choice. Do you think you would be doing well under pressure? Let us know your experiences, if any.

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