“Shame They Have To Go Through All This”: Bodybuilding World Fuming With Anger As Helpless Iranian Bodybuilder Still Fights for His Chance at Mr. Olympia 2023

Due to the restrictions made by the United States on visa permits, the perfectly muscular and super-aesthetic Iranian bodybuilder Behrouz Tabani is once again unable to participate in the Mr. Olympia 2023, just like the previous year. Being trained under IFBB pro bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev, it is a shame for the world of bodybuilding to let such talent go to waste.

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Well, while the fitness community is in full support of him and his coach, Milos Sarcev, is willing to go to every level to get him to come on stage, there is hardly any resolution that can be seen anytime soon. Yet they stand united and support Tabani.

Milos Sarcev shares an update of Behrouz Tabani’s visa issue


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Milos Sarcev recently took to his official Instagram account @milossarcev and shared a thread of two pictures to give an update on the processing of the visa of the Iranian bodybuilder, who has been giving his all to be able to participate in the most prestigious bodybuilding show this year. However, the update is not really a good one.

The IFBB pro coach shared pictures of Tabani posing in front of the mirror, shirtless, in a red pair of shorts and his stretching gear. While the first one was a regular picture of him flexing, the second was a zoomed-in one, showing the intricate details of the muscles that Behrouz Tabani had crafted over time.

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Watch This Story: Bodybuilding World Angry Over Visa Problems for Iranian Bodybuilder With Only Days Left for Mr. Olympia 2023


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In the caption, Sarcev wrote, “@behrouz_tabani in Dubai…Visa situation: APPLICATION IS SUBJECT TO ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING that can take days or even – months!” This once again enraged the fitness community, and they came in full support, sympathizing with the bodybuilder.

Fans flickered by the visa processing of Behrouz Tabani

The fitness community came in together and was enraged with the slow processing of the visa. They made comments like, “I can’t phantom how this is an issue for people they are athletes in a professional league it’s shame they have to go through all this for what they do for a living hope he makes it” and “All those meals all the nights staying in .. all the health risk these guys take all for them to not even be aloud in the fkin country ? What a joke . Move the O”.


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Another follower, extremely heartbroken, wrote, “I like Behrouz, I really wanted to see him in the O.” And while the caption came as a complete doom for the chances of Tabani being able to appear in Mr. Olympia this year, some of them still had a bleak ray of hope, and it was evident in comments like, “We still have hope! They should get the visa to him! He deserves it🙌” and “I really hope he gets to travel. He looks amazing! He would absolutely shake up the top 5”. Do you think Behrouz Tabani will be able to make it to the stage this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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