Serbian Coach Explains Why His ‘Lionesque’ Protege From Nigeria Has a Greater Chance of Winning Mr. Olympia 2023: “In the History of Olympia, It’s Always Big Guy Wins”

With the Mr. Olympia 2023 a couple of days away, predictions and chances of winning the title are at their highest. Most experts in the realm of bodybuilding failed to choose one strongest and most deserving contender for the coveted title. Because every contender in the Men’s Open Division has shown some significant and incredible progress, it has sparked extensive discussions and different opinions.

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In the recent episode of Jay Cutler’s podcast, many bodybuilding experts like Dennis Wolf, Milos Sarcev, Manager Matt, and Cutler himself appeared and discussed the prediction for the upcoming event. However, a Serbian bodybuilder, without hesitation, picked his favorite and claimed that he would be the next champion.

Samson Dauda will win this year’s Olympia, says Milos Sarcev


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The competition is becoming more challenging because every qualifier in this division impressed the world with their dedication and commitment. These bodybuilders constantly show not only their physical strength but also their strong mindset, making the contest even more thrilling for the audience.

However, Sarcev, named his student Samson Dauda, and stated that he has a great chance of winning this year. He explained, In the history of Olympia it’s always big guy wins I mean Sergio Lia was the biggest in his time Arnold was the biggest in his time right, and here comes the Lee Haney and Dorian and Ronnie…” Manager Matt interrupted the IFBB pro coach and added, “They’d still be big today.”

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Furthermore, Sarcev continued and stated, “And yeah Jay and big Ramy. I mean you can’t Overlook that size Matters. You were saying (pointing toward Jay Cutler) you and Phil Heath, you were so much wider. How can you ignore it, you know so yeah, I still think that coming this year’s Olympia that’s why I. I see my guy Samson having a chance because he is tallest and he’s going to be the biggest.” Since the previous year, Sarcev has been forecasting the Nigerian Lion’s win.


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Dauda proving himself as an emerging champion

However, it was shocking for Samson Dauda when judges announced Hadi Choopan as the new champion in 2022. A while back, the IFBB pro posted a reel video on his IG page, showcasing Dauda’s previous body and his transformed and super-jacked physique. His body now has more definition than before. He has achieved a gigantic shape for the upcoming event.


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Milos Sarcev uploaded this short video with a caption that read, “Can’t photoshop video footage 😉… Or can you? 🤔 @samson__dauda 7.5 weeks OUTrageous!”. What do you think of his winning chances in the prestigious event? He also proved his worth at the Arnold Classic this year, after defeating Nick Walker. Share your prediction in the comments below.

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