Separated for 12 Years, Arnold Schwarzenegger Thanks Ex-Wife Maria Shriver for Being a Pillar of Support in His New Book: “Stood by My Side for Every Decision”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has worn many hats in his lifetime. Initially making a name for himself as the seven-time Mr. Olympia champion in bodybuilding, he didn’t stop there. He transitioned into Hollywood, leaving a mark with his stellar performances, and then delved into politics as the Governor of California.

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The multifaceted icon recently unveiled a book encapsulating his incredible odyssey, enriched with visuals from eminent artists and photographers. In the candid reflections of his latest literary work, “Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,” Schwarzenegger offers heartfelt acknowledgments to several instrumental figures in his life. Notably, despite their separation 12 years ago, he dedicates a warm homage to his ex-wife, Maria Shriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reflections from his new book


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Maria Shriver, a remarkable journalist and member of the esteemed Kennedy family, played a crucial role in Schwarzenegger’s life for decades. This is highlighted in his new book, Be Useful. Arnold writes in the book, “I’ve also been lucky to have the love of amazing women in my life. For decades, Maria stood by my side for every decision and, to this day, such a fantastic mother to our children.“Furthermore, the actor-turned-politician emphasizes Maria’s exceptional role as a mother to their children. Their shared journey, though now part of their past, still occupies a significant space in his reflections.

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Transitioning from a personal sentiment, Schwarzenegger also gives credit to Heather Milligan, his partner for the last ten years. He wrote, “For the last ten years, Heather has been my partner and confidante, there with me through ups and downs, adding to our menagerie of animals every year.” Her contributions, ranging from being his confidante during challenging times to adding joy through their shared love for animals, also hold a special place in his memoir.

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The essence of gratitude in Schwarzenegger’s book isn’t limited to his personal relationships. His children, California’s voters, and his dedicated team, all receive their share of appreciation. These acknowledgments paint a vivid picture of the vast support system that has shaped Schwarzenegger’s multifaceted life. Yet, apart from written words, Schwarzenegger has spoken candidly about these bonds on other platforms as well.


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Personal bonds of Arnold Schwarzenegger: A podcast revelation

During a recent podcast, Schwarzenegger delved into the dynamics of his relationship with his ex-wife, Maria Shriver. “I have a great relationship with my ex-wife,” Schwarzenegger candidly remarked. Such statements, given the complexities of modern relationships, underscore the thoughtful way Schwarzenegger navigates his personal ties. He emphasized the importance of maintaining unity and mutual respect even after separation.


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Moreover, he expressed heartfelt sentiments about his relationship with his children and grandchildren. “I have a great relationship with my kids,” Schwarzenegger conveyed during the session. The genuine enthusiasm in his tone as he spoke about his family ties was palpable. Despite the challenges of his journey, it’s clear that family remains his anchor. Despite their separation, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gratitude to Maria Shriver underscores the enduring bonds of respect and mutual admiration, transcending the confines of marriage.

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