“Seen How Freaky He Is”: Serbian Bodybuilding Beast Left Stupefied After Training 55-Year-Old NFL Hall of Famer

In a surprising turn of events, bodybuilders often have exciting encounters with legendary athletes from other sports, too. Recently, the IFBB Pro coach shared his thrilling experience of working with one of the greatest American football players. Earlier, Jay Cutler uploaded a podcast video on his YouTube channel Cutler Cast, featuring Milos Sarcev and Manager Matt.

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Where the four-time Mr. Olympia and other bodybuilding enthusiasts discussed a variety of topics. At the beginning of the video, Matt reminisced about a bet that Sarcev didn’t win and he owes $5k to them. However, they immediately moved to the main topic of the discussion. During the conversation, Sarcev remembered his recent training session with Hall of Fame player Shannon Sharpe.

Milos Sarcev was impressed with Shannon Sharpe


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The IFBB pro coach shared his experience of training with Sharpe. He praised Sharpe’s incredible genetics. Per Sarcev, if he had chosen bodybuilding, could have given the fierce rivalry to top bodybuilders. During their conversation, Matt asked Milos in the video, “You just trained Shannon Sharpe, how’d that go?

To which Sarcev replied, “Wonderful. I mean I was a big fan of him. I’ve seen how freaky he is. He is one of those genetic freaks that if he chose bodybuilding back in the day, he would give you (Jay Cutler) a run for of money.” Sarcev further mentioned. “I mean seriously I see him train with Phil Heath, yep he hit me up and say he wants to work out I say of course, and uh Saturday I had a chance privilege and uh we’ll do it again.”

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He shared his excitement with Cutler and Matt, how thrilled he was after his opportunity to train one of the best NFL players. He said he’d like to work with him again soon. Matt also chimed in on Shannon’s brother Sterling Sharpes. He recalled a time when Sterling was regarded being a powerhouse of the NFL.


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The Sharpes brothers astounded bodybuilders

Additionally, Matt excitedly shared his opinion about the NFL player and said, “I remember we first started hearing about the Sharpe, his older brother played for Green Bay Sterling and Sterling was the strongest guy in the NFL back then and he was a wide receiver. Further, he mentioned,He was bench pressing like 500 and something pounds back then, and then I remember his little brother coming up and obviously he you can argue, but he’s for sure one of the best tight ends of all time.

The 55-year-old football player had an incredible journey. After his brother, he also made his name for himself as a formidable athlete. He played for the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, earning many victories made him an extraordinary player.


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What’s your take on Cutler’s new podcast video? Do you agree with Milos’s comment that if Shannon was a bodybuilder instead of a football player, he would be the toughest competitor? Tell us in the comments below.

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