“Seeing Myself Not on Stage at This Year’s O Haunts Me”: After Chris Bumstead, 235 Lbs Beast Bodybuilder Faces Similar Dilemma Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

The sport of bodybuilding can probably be a lot more challenging than people might think. The strict dieting, intense workouts, mood swings, and health problems caused by taking performance-enhancing drugs, steroids, etc. can be problematic for an athlete. There comes a point in every athlete’s life when he needs to decide to retire from the sport. However, as revealed by 4X Classic Physique Chris Bumstead earlier, giving up what you have been doing for decades is much more difficult than one might think. Facing the same trouble at the moment is IFBB Pro William Bonac. 

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As Bonac was not able to qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, he battled the decision about whether he should try to get qualified or not. As he openly confesses that the past few months of not following a strict bodybuilding routine felt good, he also expressed that he is ‘haunted’ to not see himself on the Mr. Olympia stage.

William Bonac makes a heartfelt confession


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Bonac’s recent Instagram post had a well-explained caption in which he discussed the confusion he is currently experiencing. He admits that not preparing for a bodybuilding show surely felt good; however, bodybuilding is all he has ever done in his life. So stepping away from the sport is a bit overwhelming for the bodybuilding veteran. Bonac disclosed, “I have never felt so good in decades no more mood swings, no more forcing 6 meals while compromising with less hours of sleep in order to get the last meal in.” However, he adds, “Yet i feel incomplete cause there’s something missing!”


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He also wrote, “seeing myself not on stage at this years O haunts me, knowing that I still got some in the tank, a burning desire deep inside of me. I love bodybuilding it’s my passion it’s everything I know.” Concluding the post, he stated that he would surely make a return, but only on his terms.

Bonac is not the only bodybuilder who went through this dilemma. Another big name who fought this battle with himself was none other than Chris Bumstead.

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Chris Bumstead’s retirement dilemma


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While Bumstead has made sure to crown himself as the king of the Classic Physique division, he is looking forward to starting his family after he recently got engaged to IFBB Pro Courtney King. Over the years, Bumstead has been more and more open about his feelings with his fans via social media. It is the rawness and honesty of CBum that fans appreciate the most. In an Instagram post from weeks ago, Bumstead admitted, “This has been one of the most challenging beginnings of prep I’ve gone through. But it’s far from the first time I’ve been tested.”

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As Bumstead is currently preparing for his fifth title, he stated, “Sometimes it’s easier to stay stuck in the things making us miserable because they’re comfortably familiar, or maybe we’ve attached our identity to it.” He admits that while he will soon be retiring from the sport, it will not be before this Olympia, at least.


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The decision to let go of something that one has been practicing for years can be challenging. However, continuing with the sport of bodybuilding for too long can also take a serious toll on an athlete’s body. We hope that Bumstead and Bonac will make a wise decision. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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