Scripting a Lazarus Story, Bodybuilder Names the Only Thing That Made Him Return From the Clutches of Death 2 Years Ago

The most intriguing and interesting part of an athlete’s story isn’t how they clinched the top of their sport, but their comeback and triumph. In the realm of bodybuilding, we often encounter stories of people who faced challenges and how they overcame those situations as true champions. But Drew Cullen’s story astounded not only the bodybuilding community, but the entire world.

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Two years back he went through a life-threatening situation, and his journey of resilience and determination led him to win a Pro Card. Now, he would take part in the 2023 Mr. Olympia. He earned his card after winning the Chicago Pro contest. the question arose: what really motivates the athlete to fight back when he couldn’t even walk by himself?

Drew Cullen’s courage to bounce back from a fatal incident


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In his recent interview with another IFBB pro-Jon Reese, he disclosed what inspires him to change his situation and be back on the stage again regardless of crippling. The snippet of the podcast was shared on Reese’s Instagram page with a caption read, “From tragedy to triumph.”

The IFBB pro asked him about his comeback from a tragic situation he faced a few years ago. People wanted to know how he mentally bounced back to achieve a great moment in his life and qualify for the biggest competition of all time.

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Without ado, Cullen unveils what kept him motivated the entire time, “The biggest thing that helped me bounce back was a passion for lifting, not even the sport, not just a pro card. Um, It was just loving to train. I mean, I just wanted to get back to doing what I do. I could never understand what I would do with my day if I didn’t work out.” What really helped him in fast recovery was his passion for weightlifting. It wasn’t just about the sport or a pro card; it was his enthusiasm for training. His life would be empty if he skipped training, even for a day.


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Being a pro athlete is just more than a title, says Cullen

Moreover, his mentality is to grow and not remain in a situation that won’t lead you anywhere. He explains he wanted a mental release and clarity, which he found during his drills that it improved his circulation. He was weak when began training again, but he understands that this is the way to go, it’s a new beginning. He exemplifies, “You can’t necessarily take the pro mindset away from a pro.” It’s like taking a million dollars from a millionaire; they’ll know how to earn it back. The question here is what exactly happened to him two years back?

In 2021, Drew Cullen faced a tragic event at a gas station when he got shot in the leg. He went through many surgeries and intense physical therapy to recover. With help from loved ones, friends, and fans, he endured the pain and got back on his feet with more strength.


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Learning to walk again was a kind of hard for him, but he took small steps to regain his confidence. Each small success brought him closer to his big-time goal of being on the competitive stage again as a champion.

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