Scientist Among Bodybuilders, 81 YO Frank Zane Explains Why “Mirrors” Aren’t the True Representation of Physique: “It’s a Distortion”

Bodybuilding often faces the criticism of being uneducated, however, there were many bodybuilders who were well educated and then pursued bodybuilding with the help of their education. They understood their physicality and worked accordingly. Frank Zane is one of those bodybuilders who sculpted his body and flaunted the well-conditioned body in front of the world. Even though he is a mathematics teacher, he competed in multiple bodybuilding competitions and won three Mr. Olympia titles and a Mr. Universe competition.

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Talking about Mr. Universe, Zane recently appeared in Mike O’Hearn’s podcast video, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel. These two bodybuilding icons also collaborated for a training session a sometimes ago. However, this podcast was entirely focused on the god of aesthetics opinions about certain things.

Photos are more truthful than mirrors- Frank Zane


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In the middle of the conversation, O’Hearn began a topic related to photographs. He said that looking at a photo is more reliable than looking in the mirror because mirrors show things that aren’t true. So, photos give a more authentic picture compared to what you see in the mirror.

While discussing reflections the 81-year-old bodybuilder explained why this happens with mirrors, he defined “yeah it’s Distortion you think about when you look in the mirror first you see your friend that’s the first Distortion you add to it you put stuff in there that’s not there and then it bounces back and comes back to that’s another Distortion.

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What he meant was photos are usually more accurate than mirrors because they can sometimes make you look different. He further described that if you have the perfect photographer and, lighting, and conditions, so, photos can be more reliable. The former Mr. Universe agrees with the bodybuilding legend.

Mike O’Hearn to perform at Mr. Olympia?

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The conditioning and the lightning are the keys to having worthy pictures. The 54-year-old Adonis said in the video and remembered a time when “Polaroid back in the day was the best thing because you say that’s you 100 percent. There’s no lying no more.”


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Fans were thrilled to see these bodybuilding legends together again. Back in their prime days and even now, they’ve been role models, motivating people to reach their goals. Both O’Hearn and Zane follow strict routines, and their discipline continues to impress people. As the caption stated in the video, Frank said, “Mike O’Hearn Could Compete At The Olympia.” their followers believed he should compete in the classic physique division because of his aesthetics.

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