“Sam Bringing Back Old School Bodybuilding”: Initially Hounded for Alleged Steroid Use, 21-Y.O. Viral Influencer’s “Fall Cut” a Hit With Netizens

The new era of bodybuilding has transformed a lot from the golden era when people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates dominated the scene. In the bygone era, bodybuilding concentrated more on symmetry and aesthetics, and now it is more about who has the bigger physique. However, one thing remains common, and that is the dedication of bodybuilders to their sport. Gone are the days of bodybuilders only being in front of magazines, because now social media has taken over the fitness world. There are plenty of people who make fitness content, and it can get very monotonous. However, there is one 21-year-old bodybuilding champion named Sam Sulek who knows just the right ingredients to engage his audience.

America’s Favorite Video Today

But who exactly is Sam Sulek? Some people say that he resembles the mannerisms of the late Rich Piana, and some even compare him to Dallas McCarver. The 5‘11″ tall, 240-pound man has an incredible muscle mass and always stuns the bodybuilding world in one way or another. His recent video about his fall cut day and diet caught the attention of fans for a special reason.

Sam Sulek is bringing back the old era of bodybuilding


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The opening credits of the video are exceptionally attractive because they only show his silhouette while he is posing. Sulek truly looks like a Greek God with his muscles pumped up, and after the credits, the video starts and shows his kitchen, where he is preparing his breakfast.

The 1-hour-57-minute-long video chronicles the whole day of his shredding, which also shows his arm exercise and diet. Sulek previously also shared that he does not like fitness applications that are available today, which he again repeated in the same video. The boy who started his fitness journey at the YMCA gym has a very calm demeanor when speaking about his workout and anything in general. The video also shows his daily workout routine in the gym after Sulek goes grocery shopping. He also shows his lunch and evening snack, after which Sulek again goes to the gym to train.

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Throughout the video, Sam shows not only his life as a bodybuilder but also as a 21-year-old living alone. Sulek, who was initially hounded for allegedly using steroids and was targeted by many bodybuilders, is now transforming people’s perspectives on himself. The bodybuilding champion makes the vlog as candid as possible, attracting the fans and making them appreciate him.

Fans react positively to the long version of the vlog

Many fans commented on the video, which has already gotten more than 600,000 views. There are more than 2619 comments, and most fans felt nostalgic while watching the video. One fan reminisced about the golden era of bodybuilding and said, “Sam bringing back old-school bodybuilding with a blend of comedy and a true gym bro.” Another fan found therapeutic relief from his vlogs and commented, “This is a different kind of therapy and one I needed holy sh*t. Keep it up Sam, this longer style of video is sick. You should maybe consider some day-in-the-life or more lifestyle videos. Could be cool and expand your content umbrella :)”


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Everyone was appreciating the vlogger, and another fan chimed along, “Bro please keep these super long videos so we can live our life with you thanks in advance.” One netizen even compared his vlog to a childhood cartoon and said, “Idk why but I feel like I’m watching a bodybuilding Dora the Explorer with the questions and pauses😂 This dude is awesome. Much love brother!” A follower showed their love to Sulek and said, “Sam, looking good brother! Can’t wait to see the result!”

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