“Ronnie Coleman Pushed the Envelope”: Not Lee Haney or Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler Credits His Greatest Rival for Pioneering Something in Bodybuilding

The sport of bodybuilding is all about glamour and aesthetics. One has a name as long as one manages to maintain a great physique. When the age factor finally strikes, no matter how great the athlete is, somewhere the confidence gets lost. This is one of the reasons why most bodybuilders retired before 40 back in the Golden Age of Bodybuilding.

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The bodybuilding beast Jay Cutler, in one of his recent podcasts, shared a trend in the realm of the sport, that was set by his biggest rival, who turned out to be a huge pioneer in the professional sphere of the sport.

Jay Cutler praises Ronnie Coleman for competing even after 40


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In the latest podcast episode of The Cutler Cast, which was shared on YouTube, Jay Cutler engaged in a candid interview with the professional coach Milos Sarcev, along with his assistant Matt Daniels. As the video gradually progressed, he spoke about his rival Ronnie Coleman, and how the latter managed to change the sport in a big way.

Coleman had the guts to continue competing even after the age of 40, despite all the hurdles. Cutler said, “Dorian retired early, Lee Haney retired early, so it was like Ronnie Coleman pushed the envelope by going until he was 43 or 44.”

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He goes on to say how that was the first time in history someone continued for so long. Cutler also believes that the only reason he could beat the king of bodybuilding was because of the age factor. However, the victory felt the sweetest to him after a long span of trying.


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Jay Cutler defeating Ronnie Coleman for the first time

Jay Cutler had been on the pedestal just behind Ronnie Coleman, bagging the position of runner-up in the Mr. Olympia championship. Although it was a huge deal, Cutler wanted to grab the title, and defeating Ronnie Coleman became his sole purpose for participating. After years of trying, he was finally able to dethrone the King of bodybuilding and win the title.

Almost a decade and a half later, he spoke about the importance of the moment in his career, as he was the first athlete who broke the winning spree of Ronnie Coleman after eight long years. He said, “To do it in my hometown of Vegas, and have everyone behind me… By that point, as the underdog you build up a huge momentum. It took me weeks to realize that it happened, and to this day it is still one of the greatest moments in our sport’s history, and probably 50 years from now will be recognized even further. It seems like the further I get away from my career, the more respect I get.”


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Do you agree with Cutler? Was Coleman truly a pioneer? Tell us in the comments.

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