Retired Bodybuilder Clears Up a Misconception About His Friend Aka ‘The Black Hulk’: “Nope This Dude Is Natural”

The bodybuilding world is often accused of using steroids and PEDs for muscle-enhancing. In the community, it is difficult to make people believe that many athletes do not delve into performance-enhancing supplements. Their physique is completely natural, but people beg to differ. William Bonac, who recently announced his retirement from professional bodybuilding, showed his support for a friend.

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Bonac announced his retirement through an Instagram post with a heartfelt message. However, even after retirement, he didn’t stop working out and training others as well. He recently uploaded a video of his trainee and a friend named Andrew the ‘Black Hulk.’

William Bonac tried to clarify the accusations


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This video of Andrew attracted people, and they rambled upon his video post. Instead of spreading positivity, people posted some negative comments and accused him of using steroids. Just to clarify the misunderstanding, Bonac shared a message on his IG page.

The story post of a former bodybuilder read, “I want clear a lil misunderstanding with this picture for Andrew about my last video I just posted. I’m seeing comments about Gyno Nope this dude is natural.” He further went on explaining, “Nomatter, how much I try 2 convince him that if he levels up he can be a pro he still refuses to take even T-3 this a pic of him last check-ins few days ago. Hope I clear this by this photos.”

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The 41-year-old uploaded his fellow bodybuilder’s pictures, showcasing his natural super-jacked physique. He uploads two pictures to his IG story with the same message. Nonetheless, he often expresses his feelings on social media with motivational and inspiring quotes that many individuals can relate to.

Former Arnold Classic’s quest to inspire others

On 27th October, Arnold Classic posted an inspiring story on his Instagram account. It advocates a significant message that reflects the importance of taking risks in life. People who always tried to play it safe would never truly live their lives to their full potential.


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The quote he shared conveyed a powerful message, it read, “Taking no risks will end up being your biggest risk. You Have to risk failure to succeed. You have to risk rejection to be accepted. You have to risk heartbreak to love. If you’re always avoiding risks, you’re risking missing out on life.” This post encouraged individuals not to shy away from life’s challenges, as a life without risks could lead to wasted opportunities and a lack of contentment. What do you think of him taking a stand for his friend and his motivational and inspiring stories? Tell us in the comments below.

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