Retired American Bodybuilder Shares a Previously Unknown Diet Secret of 77 YO Bodybuilding Legend Aka ‘The Lifestyle’: “I’ve Never to This Day Seen Him…”

In the world of bodybuilding, it is quite crucial for individuals to maintain their sculpted bodies through thoroughly vigorous physical training. However, everyone should also stress the necessity of having the right food habits if they want to control their fat levels and maintain a shredded body. Who better than the legendary bodybuilder who still manages to be one of the fittest at the age of 77 to have a better diet plan?

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Robby Robinson is known for his extremely fit body at 77. Alongside his titles as Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and Mr. America, Robinson is also known as Mr. Lifestyle. As one of his diet choices gets revealed, everyone is shocked.

Chris Cormier reveals Robby Robinson’s secret


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In the latest video uploaded by @OlympiaTV titled, “JAY CUTLER IS CHANGING BODYBUILDING!”, Tim Wilkins is joined by Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier. When Tim mentioned to Cormier that Robby Robinson never faded away, Cormier volunteered to share a personal side of Robinson that he had a firsthand experience with. He told how the first time he met him, Cormier was only 18-19 years old. Then he mentioned, “I’ve never to this day seen him pick up anything worse than a yogurt and that was only one time”.

He also told Tim and Terrick about the time he had invited Robinson to his house. He narrated, “I invited him to my house for dinner one time. And I had, you know, I just had the Spanish rice out of the bag. Where you just put in the microwave, yeah. And I gave it to him and he was like, Chris like you know I don’t do oil.”

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Robby Robinson has influenced and guided many bodybuilders in his lifetime. However, one of the bodybuilders that was influenced the most is the seven-time Fitness Model of the Year, Mike O’Hearn.


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Mike O’Hearn calls Robby Robinson an artist

In one of his workout session YouTube videos with Robby Robinson, Mike O’Hearn complimented and admiring him. A woman from the training group extensively praised Robinson’s ventures by saying, “Robbie’s just good at the exercises; look at his form and everything he does.” But Mike O’Hearn did not stop there. He instead went to describe the 77-year-old differently. He stated, “He’s an artist.”


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The greatest bodybuilders of the past era who have turned old yet defeated the boundaries of age are still thriving in the bodybuilding industry with their fit physiques. In this scenario, the bodybuilders of the present generation are always awestruck by the supreme authority of their bodies. Do you think any of the athletes of this generation can replicate what the legendary bodybuilders have done in their 70s? Let us know your opinion in the comments box.

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