Rejecting His Family’s Choice of Work, 4-Time Olympia Winner Disclosed the Heartfelt Reason Behind Pursuing Bodybuilding: “I Wanted to Make My…”

In a world where people are drawn to fancy and popular careers, bodybuilding stands out as a unique field. It mixes pure strength with the detailed art of shaping and showing one’s body. Beyond the hard workouts and bright stage lights, what motivates someone to choose this path? Four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler recently shed light on this question during an appearance on the podcast “The Iced Coffee Hour.”

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Contrary to popular belief that a desire to engage in bodybuilding might start from personal insecurities, Jay Cutler was candid in debunking this misconception. “No, no insecurity whatsoever,” he emphasized. His true inspiration was, in fact, the aspiration to make his family proud, alongside a yearning for self-achievement.

Jay Cutler and the therapy of weightlifting


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People often see lifting weights as a solitary, ego-driven endeavor. However, Cutler expressed that the benefits extend far beyond the aesthetic. “It puts you in a different place; it’s a great therapy,” he said. The mind-body connection experienced while lifting weights seems to act as a salve for the soul.

The gym, according to Cutler, serves as a sanctuary where all the stresses of family, school, and worries about the future go away with the sound of weights. Transitioning from a family with expectations that may have not aligned with his passion for bodybuilding. Cutler’s story resonates as a story of choosing one’s own path.

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Often, societal norms and family pressures can steer us toward a specific direction that may not necessarily fulfill our true potential or passion. “I wanted to make my family proud,” Cutler mentioned a sentiment that likely rings true for many individuals who find themselves caught at the crossroads of family expectations and personal aspirations.

He found clarity in his dedication for bodybuilding


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Cutler also touched on the therapeutic aspect of bodybuilding. It’s not just about the physical transformation; it’s also about a mental journey. “You don’t understand until you actually get in there, and your mind is clear,” Cutler added.

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This profound realization came to him at the young age of 18 when he joined his first gym. Engaged in his weight training regimen from 8 to 10 p.m., Cutler experienced an overwhelming sense of clarity and peace. All worries concerning family pressures and future uncertainties seemed to vanish in the haze of exertion and focus.


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In an era where external validation often clouds our judgment, Jay Cutler stands as a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion. The authenticity of his words challenges us to question the motivations behind our own life choices. And so, Cutler continues his journey in the world of bodybuilding, to make his family proud.

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