Recently Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer, Godfather of Mike O’Hearn’s Son Opens Up on the Shivering Moment He First Learned About It: “Can Definitely Rattle Your Cage”

Being a hardcore fitness influencer one does always keep an eye on their level of testosterone. However, what a devastating shock would one get if they find out that besides their thriving testosterone level, there looms a high level of PSA – Prostate-Specific Antigen? This is exactly how Clark Bartram, the godfather of Mike O’Hearn’s son, Titan, found out about the days of struggle that were coming up for him.

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Bartram is 60 years old and is an active gym goer. Recently, when he tested his blood, he was rejoicing to announce his testosterone level was 785, but soon enough, the shocking news hit him.

Clark Bartram’s struggle with prostate cancer


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In the latest video posted by Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network, Clark Bartram is being interviewed by the Seven Times Fitness Model of the Year, Mike O’Hearn. When O’Hearn asked him how he was dealing with things lately, Bartram replied sadly. He said, “So I’ve just recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And hearing those words being spoken from a health professional… that will kind of rattle your cage.”

Then Clark Bartram goes on to reveal that he was heading to the gym just like any other day when he got the news for the first time. He confessed that the blood report accounted for his PSA to be 9.8 instead of the supposed 0.5.

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In the video, the one odd and sad element was revealed by Bartram. According to him, he never understood what was coming, and he confessed never feeling any signs that may point towards an enlarged prostate.


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Bartram’s Asymptomatic Cancer

Following the narrative of how he got acquainted with the news of Cancer, Bartram also insinuated that he did not have any idea or symptoms of the same. He stated, “No physical signs of that. It’s not like I was getting up every night peeing five times a day, or any of those sorts of things that men would have if they have an enlarged prostate.” Thus, it has most definitely been a great blow to him and his well-wishers to come across the shocking news of him being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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It is extremely difficult for a bodybuilder to go through a major health concern. However, with the detection of his disease, both his doctor and Clark Bartram himself are trying his best to fight against the disease. Do you think bodybuilders should get regular health checkups done to ensure that their health is in control? How well do you think Clark Bartram would handle this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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