Rare Footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger Lauding 72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Who Met Unfortunate End Goes Viral: “Things That I Have Never Seen Anybody Do”

The stark difference between the training of a powerlifter and a bodybuilder is that the bodybuilders often train with less weight, but for higher reps. When an athlete’s goal is to optimize muscle hypertrophy, training at heavy weights is not necessary, not to mention it can also be unsafe for the joints and muscle fibers. However, there have been several names in the history of bodybuilding who were famous for their insane lifts, like Ronnie Coleman and Franco Columbu. One name, however, which not many fans remember now is Bertil Fox. In a recently resurfaced video, 7X Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger can be seen talking about Bertil in an interview. 

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The former British IFBB Pro had insane strength, along with a ripped physique. Shockingly, he spent 25 years of his life in prison after he was convicted of double murder, killing his girlfriend and her mother. However, regardless of his mistakes, he is still known as one of the strongest bodybuilders to ever live. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives his take on Bertil Fox


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While there is no denying that bodybuilders also train heavily, the reality is that people with lower body fat percentage tend to have lower levels of strength. However, Fox was one of the athletes who used to lift super heavy even when having a low body fat percentage, while preparing for bodybuilding shows. In the rare video that has resurfaced on the internet, Schwarzenegger can be seen talking about ‘Brutal’ Fox. 

“He is as strong as they come, I mean I have seen him bench pressing way over 500 pounds, I have seen him squatting way over 600 pounds…things that I have never seen anybody do,” Schwarzenegger stated during the video, as clips of Fox training played simultaneously.

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While Arnold also expected Fox to win the Olympia title one day, things took a sudden turn as it was revealed that he was arrested and charged with double murders. But what happened exactly? Let’s take a look.

The story behind Fox’s conviction


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After being proven guilty of killing his girlfriend and her mother, Fox was sentenced to death by hanging. However, after his appeal to the Judicial Committee, it was changed to 25 years of imprisonment.

The bodybuilding veteran was finally released from prison after spending for than two decades behind bars last year. As he became a freeman back in August 2022, his son Shaun posted a Facebook post confirming his father’s release.


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