“Progressively More Difficult”: After Turning His Dying Fitness Brand Into Money Churning Business, Mark Wahlberg Unleashes Grander Plans With “Wahlberg Week”

Sheer passion and determination can drive even the scariest of nightmares into sweet reality, and well, the story of Mark Wahlberg is a standing testament to it. The Hollywood star, known for his dedication and love for fitness, got himself associated with the fitness franchise F45 Training back in 2017. When Wahlberg became a part of it, the company was almost drowning and everyone was dreading its end.

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Wahlberg’s representation had a huge leap in the revenue of the company and he has currently taken the entire responsibility to make the business thrive, and well, there is no absolutely no doubt that he has been doing an amazing job. Looks like he has better things planned out for the company to reach the zenith of his success.

Mark Wahlberg’s grand plan for the F45 Training Company 


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In his exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, Mark Wahlberg unveiled his plans for the F45’s upcoming Wahlberg week, which is scheduled from 2nd October to 8th October. He has plans to introduce seven completely new workout routines crafted by himself in versatile forms of cardio, strength, and hybrid training classes. They are going to be absolutely free of cost for the fitness fanatics. 

He said, “Throughout the week, it gets progressively more difficult, but the great thing about F45 is that you can go at your own pace.” He goes on to talk about how it is not at all necessary to push oneself hard in order to have a successful transformation. It can be attained even by comfortably following a routine that’s simple. However, the key will always remain consistency.

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The father of four added, “I remember the last time we did it, people were like, ‘God, these sets are a little bit long.’ But then, come the end of the week, they felt like they had really conquered their fitness goals, and they thought there wasn’t anything they couldn’t accomplish. That feeling is pretty incredible.” Well, Mark Wahlberg is indeed a changed man of principles now, and even his workout goals have dynamically shifted his spheres.

Mark Wahlberg’s changing goal of staying in shape

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In the same interview with PEOPLE, Wahlberg also states how his reasons for staying fit and dedicatedly exercising have changed. While earlier, the Hollywood actor hit the gym and religiously followed a healthy lifestyle to get the aesthetics and be visually pleasing for his roles, he now solely seeks longevity.


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Mark Wahlberg, whose preferred workout routines often were an inclusion of strength training and difficult days of cardio, stated, “For me, now, it’s much more about longevity than anything else. You know? Before it was about aesthetics when trying to get in shape. Now, I want to live a long time.” What are your thoughts on Mark Wahlberg and his principles? Let us know in the comments section below!

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