“Pity He Never Gained the Crown”: Legend With Zero Mr. Olympia Embraces His Unlucky Career As He Takes Pride in Still Being Remembered As the GOAT

In bodybuilding, the strength and conditioning of a bodybuilder are often recognized by the number of times the individual has managed to acquire the title of the most prestigious show in the sphere, that is, the Mr. Olympia title. However, some legends, despite the fact that they have exceptionally aesthetic physiques, have just touched the stage and gotten back.

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The 58-year-old bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is one of them. He has reached the finale of the show a couple of times, but although he has all that it takes to be the winner, he could never earn the title for himself.

Flex Wheeler shares sympathy for not winning even once


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Flex Wheeler, widely regarded as the Sultan of Symmetry, recently took to his official Instagram account, @officialflexwheeler, and shared an edited video of himself with a compilation of his workouts and poses. In the caption, he went on to write about how, despite having it all, he was never crowned in the professional realm.

He wrote, Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler, a man who was worthy of the crown but denied at every opportunity, one of the most aesthetic to grace the stage, The Sultan of Symmetry 🔥”. He continued to write about how he began appearing on stage in the late 80s or early 90s and the beginning was extremely successful. 

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Flex Wheeler won the first few competitions and came second in the 1993 Olympia. However, due to a car crash, he had to get out for a year and had to fight really hard to get back his physique. The 58-year-old again came second in 1999, and out of dismay, he writes, “It is such a pity he never gained the crown”. But he still is recognized as one of the best bodybuilders of all time.


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Wheeler takes pride in being the OG

Flex Wheeler feels sad about not winning any titles in his whole professional career, but he definitely has no regrets as he has given his all to it and has succeeded in earning a great name for himself. He takes pride in the fact that he is still hailed as the GOAT of bodybuilding.


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As a concluding note, the legend wrote, “He is forever in our hearts, one of my favorite bodybuilders of all time who gave it his all in the gym and in bodybuilding. Lots of love and much respect to the great @officialflexwheeler for everything you have accomplished in and out of the gym 💪🏽”. What are your thoughts on Flex Wheeler’s professional journey? Let us know in the comments section below!

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