“People Are Afraid to Train for Too Long”: Beefed Up at 50, Jay Cutler Is Baffled by Modern-Day Bodybuilders’ Training Habits

Jay Cutler is known for his terrific win at the 2006 Mr. Olympia after defeating the King of bodybuildingRonnie Coleman. Then he stunned his critics and fans with his extremely ripped physique and thunderous Quad Stomp on the 2009 Mr. Olympia stage. In 2023, he is receiving applause for his Fit for 50 challenge. Cutler recently joined the elite bodybuilding champions on The Menace Podcast with Dennis James to spill the beans on his recent transformation for his 50th birthday.

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Jay Cutler couldn’t understand present-day bodybuilders’ fears

Ronnie Coleman, who was well-known for his monstrous avatar, dominated Mr. Olympia’s stage in the early 2000s. To defeat the 8x Mr. Olympia champion, Jay Cutler had to train rigorously at the gym. Cutler’s discipline towards his routine fetched him his first Sandow trophy against Ronnie Coleman in 2006. Recently, on the Menace podcast, the 4x Mr. Olympia spilled the beans on his training regime during his prime.


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While accepting that his Fit for 50 transformation could have been much better, if not for time constraints, Cutler said to James, “You were a twice-a-day trainer too, right? I mean, we train twice a day, and it’s like no one does that anymore, and that’s something I would have liked to have done because I feel it could have really got me that much further.

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The Quad Stomp was also astonished to realize that current bodybuilders don’t want to train twice daily. Speaking about the double split training, Cutler said, “That’s what we did as a living; we’re full-time bodybuilding, and that’s where I feel like today; it’s like people are afraid to train for too long. I don’t get!” But why did Jay Cutler start training a decade after retiring?

The Quad Stomp’s Fit for 50 challenge


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Jay Cutler retired from the competitive arena in 2013 after winning four Mr. Olympia championships. Later, he got into a supplement business and built a social media fan base by sharing his insights into the sport. But the champion wanted to get back to his prime physique for his 50th birthday, this August 3rd.

I’m just not satisfied with how I look now,” he said on his podcast before gearing up for the transformation challenge. “The fit for 50 challenge is me against me,” Cutler stated. And by August this year, he stunned the bodybuilding community with his shredded physique at 50.


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Despite having a business to look after and continuous travel for events, Cutler ensured to get back to his shredded glory at 50. The Quad Stomp is truly an inspiration to both bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Don’t you think so? Let us know in the comments below.

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