“Only Guy Whose Work Out I Liked”: Allegedly Using Steroid, 21 YO Viral Influencer Named Calum Von Moger As His Bodybuilding Inspiration

People often take inspiration from someone and immerse themselves in the work until they get the desired result. A social media sensation who took the internet by storm recently revealed a name he used to idealize. When he began weightlifting at just 16, he looked up to the bodybuilder and actor Calum Von Moger. The Australian powerhouse motivated him on his journey to achieve his goals.

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Fitness influencer, Sam Sulek, in his recent appearance on the Fouad Abiad Media podcast with Fouad Abiad and Paul Lauzon, revealed his favorite athlete.

Sam Sulek on Calum Von Moger


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In the video, the host asked Sulek various questions related to his journey, which led to a question that was related to his inspiration and also when he started lifting weights as a professional.

While replying to these questions, Sulek revealed when he had started lifting, “The beginning of the sophomore year of high school…yeah 16.” Fouad Abiad moved to another question and asked him if he started lifting weights as a bodybuilding style or if he was lifting for athletics. To this, Sulek said that he was really astounded by the dedication and physique of the Aussie bodybuilder.

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He explained the whole story, “Oh no it is by going south really I had a buddy named Brandon he got me into it, so in terms of the first guy that I was actually like watching because I never really watched a ton of people apart from my entertainment.” He further added, “Yeah, the only guy whose workouts I liked was Calum Von Moger, okay, so this was back in 2016 when he was in his prime. You know it was videos of him with CBum at the time.

Sulek does have a great fan following on the internet, but he has often received a lot of criticism because of his unhealthy choices.


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Greg Doucette had shown his concerns about Sulek’s PED usage

Earlier, people had accused Sulek of using steroids, and now netizens are bashing him for his diet regimes. The IFBB Pro coach and YouTuber, Greg Doucette earlier shared a video discussing the 21-year-old’s usage of PEDs.

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The 48-year-old coach said, “I can tell you when you’re young and you’re experimenting drugs it feels like it’s worth it but as you get older, you’re going to look back and say why did I do this why was I doing that.” Doucette also talked about how he now refrains from utilizing any form of steroids and still continues to maintain an outstanding physique.


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What’s your opinion on the criticism that Sulek receives from the fitness community? Do you think it is justified? Let us know in the comments.

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