“One of the Greatest Fitness Performances We’ve Ever Seen”: With 21 Days Left, Mr. Olympia Judge Hypes up and Coming Bodybuilding Star to “Put on a Show” at Olympia

In the world of bodybuilding, where raw strength and sculpted physiques reign supreme, every so often, a new sensation emerges- someone whose extraordinary potential commands the attention of both judges and fans alike.

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There are just 21 days left until the famous Mr. Olympia competition, and people are getting really excited. A recent video was shared on a popular YouTube channel, featuring a host who encouraged the rising stars.

Hyping the rising starts before Mr. Olympia


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There’s a big event on the horizon, the Mr. Olympia contest, and people are super excited about it. It’s going to feature some incredible bodybuilding performances. Recently, a video has been shared by OlympiaTV’s YouTube Channel hosted by Terrick El Guindy where the judges are encouraging the new, up-and-coming stars to give their best performances at the Olympia event.

One person who’s been making a lot of noise is Taylor Learmont. Terrick said “The star of the Legion sports festival my friends was Taylor Learmont I want you to check her performance because as Bob Cicherillo said himself possibly one of the greatest fitness performances we’ve ever seen what this competitor did on stage was pure brilliant. Taylor Learmont is going to the Olympia and she’s going to put on a show you might as well just pay more money for the tickets because this competitor is pure brilliant congratulations in Italy”

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Another one is Victoria Villa who is from Mexico, and she’s been impressing a lot of people with her great performance. She’s known for her amazing glutes Terrick said, “Victoria Villa from Mexico beautiful performance full glutes, she was able to beat a lot of the competitors from the back congratulations going to the Olympia.” There were other bodybuilders too who participated in it.

New talents are ready to shine

Another bodybuilder is Theo Leguerrier, the French bodybuilder who’s known for his aesthetics and posing skills. For him, Terrick stated, “Theo Leguerrier here the French competitor great poser one of the best posing routines his conditioning was better he’s not one of the biggest guys but he’s bringing a conditioning that’s making him more aesthetically pleasing and actually giving the illusion that he’s bigger I judged him in 2018 in Tunisia and he continues to get better.”


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Since Mr. Olympia is nearing, the excitement is growing. New bodybuilding talents are ready to shine. They’re all set to put on a show at Olympia. Share your thoughts and comments as we eagerly await this amazing event!

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