One of the Fittest 81-Year-Old, Bodybuilding Legend Unveils His Simple Secret Instead of Cardio to Stay in Shape

The fitness sphere doesn’t always talk about strict diet and hard-core exercises; it sometimes shows some straightforward ways to maintain one’s health and physique. To remain in good health and shape, lifting heavy weights with sweat-drive exercises isn’t the only solution always. 

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With simple regular alterations, one can attain realistic health goals. This is not just a saying, but a practical thing proven by one of the iconic bodybuilding icons with immense fame and popularity. This veteran fitness legend paved a new and uncomplicated path to regulate body weight. Recently, he took the internet by storm with his photo of a well-ripped body. But everyone was left in a state of amazement once they got to know about the routine of this legendary figure.

Veteran Bodybuilding icon left the world mesmerized with his recent post


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Frank Zane is a well-known bodybuilder who has a mind-blowing physique and a profound legacy behind him. The youth and fitness seekers get inspired by this bodybuilding gem. Even at the great age of 81, Zane never forgets to motivate his fans and followers. In a fresh development, he shared a post on his Instagram account. 

His recent post seemed to have given a new direction to fitness seekers. Though he once was a man with strict training and workout routines, his definition of health and fitness has changed now. Fran Zane now suggests people adopt a simple walking routine to keep in good health. He uploaded one of his old pics in which his well-sculpted is clearly visible. The photo has a caption that says, I don’t do cardio, instead I walk everyday with my dog for an hour and a half.

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Through this post, the legend simplified the fitness journey quite well, especially for those who have less fitness motivation. He made his fans realize that even with simple regular walking, one can stay healthy and free from various health issues. The 3-time Olympia winner has infinite fitness wisdom and has learned a lot from the past mistakes he committed during his bodybuilding career. Recently, he shared some unpleasant facts from his past life.


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Frank Zane’s past mistakes teach him a new definition of fitness 

In the race to get a well-ripped body leaving rivals behind, the bodybuilding icon ended up making unsuitable diet and training choices that get him into trouble. In a recent interview, he confessed those mistakes and suggested his followers not repeat them. When Zane was asked about about his diet and training, he said, “Bulking up, training too heavy and getting injured. Just doing stupid stuff. A lot of times you push yourself too hard. It is difficult to know when you should rest and when you should push hard. That is the quandary that everyone wants to know.” 

Taking his wisdom into more depth, he said, “You really do not know anything, you don’t know if what you are doing is the thing to do. We do not have knowledge before things happen. We may have faith that something will work, because it worked for us in the past.”


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I don’t do cardio said 81-YO World-renowned professional bodybuilder Frank Zane unveiling a secret behind his perfect-looking physique at this great age. What’s your take on it? Tell us below.

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