“One of My Arteries Was 70% Blocked”: Second Richest Bodybuilder Shares Horrifying Details About Marginally Ditching Death

Bodybuilders often push their limits to achieve their goals, but this extreme approach can sometimes harm their health internally. The first-ever Arnold Classic Champ recently shared a life-threatening experience he had nearly two years ago. Despite being one of the wealthiest athletes in the realm of bodybuilding, he has faced a lot of challenges, not just in competitions and business but also personally and medically.

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Rich Gaspari recently shared a post on his Instagram account where he talked to Flex Lewis about a variety of topics. However, he shared a snippet of his interview; he disclosed a situation he faced almost two years ago.


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Gaspari’s revelation of his health condition


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While talking about his life, the Olympian runner-up made a shocking revelation about his health. It turned out that he had a problem with his arteries, where a calcium deposit known as a C-core had formed.

Gaspari’s condition was so serious that he opted for medical help immediately. He talked about his surgery; he relied on a modern medical approach. “Lots of bodybuilders were dying. I went through all these tests to do and one of them is called a C score. There’s basically calcium that goes into your arteries and mine was so high, they told me I had to go right into the hospital,” said the 60-year-old.

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He further mentioned the severity of his situation, and said, They saw one of my arteries was 70% blocked. My body formed a bypass, it’s called a God’s bypass, where even though that artery is getting blocked, my body has other arteries to feed the heart.” He embraces life and always advocates to live longer and healthier.

The former Mr. Universe has been extremely open about his lifestyle. He does share updates on social media and showcases his transparency and openness about the topics most men avoid talking about.

Rich Gaspari is making a buzz with his perspective on manliness

Generation Iron Fitness and bodybuilding network uploaded a video three years ago to their YouTube channel interview with Rich Gaspari. In conversation with Vlad Yudin, the three-time runner-up, Mr. Olympia, talked about the time when he faced bankruptcy. His business was falling down, and he was going through a rough patch emotionally because of his divorce. He was sentimentally unstable. But he overcame these struggles.

Afterward, the conversation shifted to his new business module. He mentioned using Botox to maintain a youthful appearance as he gets older. He encouraged men to consider such treatments to look younger, emphasizing that they’re not unmanly. Gaspari mentioned there was a stereotype that men shouldn’t talk about their skincare routines. He further said that it is important to change these perceptions.

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The 60-year-old’s contribution to the sport is remarkable. Rich Gaspari always inspires and motivates people, as he mentioned in his latest post,” So, because of that, I didn’t die. I’m here wanting to stay on this earth as long as I can.” Do you also agree with this legend about health and the method he used to look younger? Tell us in the comments.

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