Once a Stud, at 76 Years of Age Arnold Schwarzenegger Reflects Back on Being a Father: “I Never Thought Having Kids Would Be So Much Fun”

A career can only be a part of one’s life. It should never take over the entirety of one’s existence. Even the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger understood that fact. Despite having a bustling career, he never compromised on his family life. A father of five, Arnie often talked about his experiences in the warm family role that he carries in stark contrast to his on-stage and on-screen tough persona.

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Even after winning 7 Mr. Olympia titles, becoming a star on the big screen, as well as the 38th Governor of California, Arnie still considers his family to be one of the best things to have happened to him. Recently, the Governator portrayed his love for his family in a conversation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his love for family


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In the latest video posted by motivational speaker and author Jay Shetty, he featured none other than the Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his podcast, he showcased his proud father’s moment as to how well his kids grew up. Then Schwarzenegger further commented that being their father has really given him extreme joy. He stated, “It’s just it’s a lot of fun. I never thought that having kids would be that much fun”.

Despite having his own conundrum about having kids in his youth, Arnie had thought about how much work it might be. He pointed out his early thoughts, “I always thought about you know the work that it would take, you know”. But after he had his beautiful kids, his mindset changed completely.

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The video also recorded Schwarzenegger’s opinions about his children specifically. When Jay Shetty mentioned having interviewed Arnie’s daughter, Katherine, he talked about how his children had similarities with others in their family.


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Katherine was like her mother: Arnie

Arnold Schwarzenegger extensively talked about how his daughter Katherine was very similar to his ex-wife, Maria Shriver. Schwarzenegger stated, “Katherine is a carbon copy of Maria, and Maria is a carbon copy of Unice. Unice is a carbon copy of Rose Kennedy. So this is how it goes down, I mean, it’s like they’re like clones”. Although the couple got divorced in 2021, Schwarzenegger had previously commented that if there ever was any Oscar for divorces, it should have been presented to them, because in such a healthy way they handled it for the sake of their kids.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s family life has been as content as his career. Thus, even after his divorce, he can be seen with his wife on some public occasions without any notion of a grudge. Even his children’s bond with him is quite healthy and close, as it might be observed. Do you think you can name another bodybuilder whose personal life has been as content? Let us know in the comments.


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