“OMG He Can’t Share the Limelight”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 30 YO Son Fights With Mom Maria Shriver for Attention As She Prepares Special Treat for Someone Else

Arnold Schwarzenegger is regarded as an unparalleled force in the realm of bodybuilding. However, he is not just an exceptional athlete but is also praised for being a perfect father for all his children. Maria Shriver, despite being divorced from the legendary bodybuilder, continues to have an amazing relationship with him because of all the idealistic duties he carries out as a father.

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Well, as a result, the entire Schwarzenegger family is very closely knit and shares all small and big occasions together and updates the same on their social media handles. They recently celebrated Patrick Schwarzenegger’s 30th birthday together and now he picked a fight with his mom for baking cake for a special someone.

Maria Shriver bakes a birthday cake 


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Maria Shriver recently took to her official Instagram account @mariashriver and shared an Instagram story where she was seen making all preparations to make a cake for her youngest son Christopher Schwarzenegger, who began his fitness journey in 2020. She is overwhelmed and expresses how it is next to impossible for her to believe that her baby boy has turned 26.

In the story, she says, “Okay, guess what? Guess who’s got a birthday? Oh no, it’s not me. It’s not Catherine. It’s not Christina. It’s not Patrick. That leaves Christopher. Christopher is going to be twenty-six. The baby is turning twenty-six.” This ignites a hint of playful jealousy in her elder son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, who just turned 30 last week and does not want to let his brother steal his limelight.

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He enters the video and says, “It’s still my birthday.” And when Shriver says that it already is over, he replies, “Oh my god, he can’t share the limelight. It’s still my birthday for another day.” Patrick Schwarzenegger often teases his younger brother, like he once did while introducing his single brother to the fitness community.


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Patrick Schwarzenegger declares Christopher Schwarzenegger single

Patrick Schwarzenegger once took to his Instagram account and shared a story featuring his younger brother Christopher Schwarzenegger, whom he loves fooling around with. In the video, the 26-year-old brother was seen sitting and chilling with his family while Patrick Schwarzenegger flexed the perfect frame for him. It was not the video that was the prank, but the caption that was meant to be the real treat.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger wrote, “My dawg is single ready to mingle.” And well, Christopher Schwarzenegger had no idea that he was being framed for his brother’s story, nonetheless, he looked extremely impressive in his new transformed self. What are your thoughts on the Schwarzenegger family? Share with us in the comments section below!

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