Not Just Exercise and Diet, “Intimacy” and Breaking “Stereotypes” Helped 65 YO Bodybuilder Mum of Two Become a Timeless Beauty

The bodybuilding community is a place that sees people transform and become their best version. it does not see stereotypes of age or gender. Several people especially women go through a huge body transformation throughout their lives and might feel like society pushes them into a corner when they are a certain age. However, several women in the bodybuilding world are proving the biases of age and beauty wrong. Bobbi Parker Hall is such a fitness enthusiast who is sharing her secrets of aging gracefully and is trying to help women of all ages embrace their bodies.

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The 65-year-old from Portland, who is a mother of two, has several mantras to aging flawlessly, but the two main types are not what you would expect to see. The woman who feels better at 65 than she was at 30, shares her secrets to youth.

Bobbi Parker Hall credits intimacy, and self-love for staying fit


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The entrepreneur has revealed her top mantras for looking beautiful, and she also claims that being intimate with your partner can also help in this. According to Daily Mail, the bodybuilding bikini competitor, who is known for her lean and muscular physique started her body transformation following her weight loss struggles. She revealed that until her mid-50s she always struggled with losing the last 10 to 15 pounds and her fat always went to her stomach area along with her thighs and arms which she did not appreciate. The main exercise that Hall does is cardio, but the main transformation of her body started when she began eating more, and adding heavy weight lifting into her workout.

So the first two tips include a balanced diet and weight exercise. The former divorcee is now married happily to her spouse for seven years and she admits that apart from exercise, the intimacy with her partner has also helped in her longevity. She stated about marriage that, “I have now been happily married for seven years and this new dynamic has convinced me that a highly intimate connection is the undiscussed key to aging well.” Research has also proved that intimacy improves mental well-being and physical health, which can improve a person’s longevity. The personal trainer and yoga instructor who has been helping women for over 20 years to get into the perfect shape, has revealed that self-love is also very important.

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Regarding self-love and self-reflection, Parker added, “Get out in nature often too, to reinvigorate the body, mind, and spirit. Also, stay away from any products that contain too many chemicals.” She focuses on a balance between loving other people, and also self-love to heal from within, as well as from outside, which will ultimately help someone stay fit and healthy for a long time and look ageless.

Bobbi Parker Hall gives personal peace a top priority


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In a world consumed by social media, and sharing one’s privacy everywhere, mental peace can be hard to come by. So it is essential that people pay extra attention to getting some alone time and mental peace. Bobbi Parker Hall also agrees with the same notion and has already helped several women find their desired fitness level. She shared her ideas on self-reflection and said, “Make your peace a top priority in life and push yourself to keep growing in your relationship with yourself first.”

Hall also advised that overcoming the stereotypes of gender and age is extremely important. She added, “I am constantly amazed to find that the years I have spent challenging myself to stay fit in both body and mind have made it possible to overcome the stereotypes of being a senior.”

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Ultimately, along with a weight workout and a proper diet, mental peace, and surrounding people with love, is the most important thing to remain youthful. As the bodybuilder rightly said, “I’m moving forward in life having fun with my friends and family, having the deepest conversations and the greatest confidence.” What do you think of her ideas? Share your tips in the comments as well.

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