Not Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman, Bodybuilding Veteran Credits These Two Old-School Legends for “The Art of Flexing”

If bodybuilding as a sport can be described in a single phrase, it would be the exhibition of physique. All Bodybuilding contests aim at showcasing the best physiques in the field and choose very specifically unique ones to win the ultimate title. However, the history of bodybuilding has given us several bodybuilding legends who were overshadowed by later bodybuilding stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman.

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Both Arnie and Coleman managed to acquire 7 and 8 Mr. Olympia titles respectively. Master of their craft, they are still known to motivate millions of people. However, another veteran bodybuilder claimed that these two weren’t the bodybuilders with the best flexing skills.

Bodybuilders Schwarzenegger and Coleman could not surpass


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In one of his latest Instagram stories, Samir Bannout presented an underrated view. The Lebanese bodybuilder won the 1983 Mr. Olympia title and made his presence known in the industry. His Instagram story featured two black and white cutouts of two prominent bodybuilders. It included the God of Aesthetics, Frank Zane, and the 1982 Mr. Olympia, Chris Dickerson. In the caption of his post, he wrote, “The Art of Flexing… Two Great Masters Creating Beautiful lines!! @oldschoollabs”.

Both the bodybuilders of the bygone era promoted the necessity of building a symmetrical body. It always gave them the perfect lines and precise cuts. With extreme hold over their physique, they exhibited the most magnificent bodies of their time. And when they posed and flexed on stage, the whole world would be mesmerized by the aesthetics on show.

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The road to success often depends on the clarity in one’s mind. Frank Zane, always had clarity on what the distinction between the make-believe world of a mirror and the reality depicted in photos.


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Frank Zane’s idea of Mirror being a Distortion

In an interview with Mike O’Hearn, Frank Zane pointed out that Mirrors change reality. He stated boldly, “Yeah it’s Distortion you think about when you look in the mirror.” Additionally, he described the situation by taking an example. He remarked, “First you see your friend, that’s the first Distortion you add to it. You put stuff in there that’s not there and then it bounces back and comes back to you, that’s another Distortion.” Therefore Zane saw photos as being superior to mirrors, for when one looks to check the progress they made with their physique.


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Bodybuilding can be an extremely competitive sport. Owing to the levels that the competition goes to, many bodybuilders are often overshadowed by others who often attain popularity. That doesn’t always mean that one is greater than the other. Do you think there’s another bodybuilder who is similarly underrated? Let us know in the comments below.

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