Not Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler, but Ronnie Coleman Names Ailing Bodybuilder Who Helped Him Win 8 Olympias as His “Best Friend”

The bodybuilding world has been graced with some famous golden-era champions who showed us some of the greatest rivalries and friendships. Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler have one of the most sensational rivalries on stage, yet a beautiful friendship behind it. The eight-time Mr. Olympia winner always acknowledges his friendships and rivalries, and talks about them even after retirement. Ronnie Coleman remains the fun-loving, and lively bodybuilder that everybody knew him to be, and shares his experiences with fans.

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In a recent Ask Anything on YouTube, he got an interesting question about having a best friend in the bodybuilding industry. His answer was surprising and a bit unexpected.

Ronnie Coleman declared who his best friend was in the bodybuilding world


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During the video, several fans sent Coleman interesting questions about his bodybuilding career and life in general. The very first question was from a fan with the username Imbatman_145. They asked, “Who is your best friend bodybuilder?”

It was not Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler, as fans might expect. Coleman did not even have to think twice before taking the name of the Sultan of Symmetry. He said, “I have to go with Flex Wheeler. Because Flex is the reason why I won 8 Mr. Olympias. That’s why he is my best friend bodybuilder. He pretty much taught me everything I know.”

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The police officer turned bodybuilder acknowledged that the 4-time Arnold Classic champion taught him the most important aspects of bodybuilding. They were rivals on stage, but also were friends, and had the same nutritionist as well. Chad Nicholls, who was their nutritionist, also revealed once that Flex Wheeler had a strict diet. Funnily enough, Ronnie Coleman could not handle his friend’s diet. 


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The bodybuilding legend, who went through more than 40 surgeries and had to leave bodybuilding, due to a kidney problem, still imparts valuable knowledge to the industry, just like he did for Ronnie Coleman. The Sultan of Symmetry who knew martial arts, was stopped by Ronnie Coleman from winning Mr. Olympia in 1998. Even if they were rivals on stage, they had a beautiful friendship that went beyond any competition.

Flex Wheeler believes that no one has beaten the level of Ronnie Coleman yet

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In 2018 Wheeler appeared on the ‘Mind Pump Show’ Youtube channel. During the podcast, the Sultan of Symmetry spoke about his competition with Ronnie Coleman. He revealed that he still believes that Coleman is the King and no one has been able to beat him yet. Wheeler said,  “He’s the king. Ronnie will always be the king.”


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The four-time Arnold Classic winner then said, “I hope I am alive and hope I’m safe to look at the person who beats his best physique ever. I don’t foresee that.” Even after all these years, they remain friends and always wish well for each other. What do you think about their relationship? Did you like their rivalry on stage? Let us know in the comments below.

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