Not Any Mr. Olympia, but a Bodybuilder Who Was a Writer, Actor, and Civil Rights Activist Inspired Jay Cutler to Start Bodybuilding

There is always an inspiration that works miraculously behind one who hits the peak of his career and makes the world aware of his second-to-none talent. This is something that happened to the legendary figure, Jay Cutler, who needs no further introduction to the realm of bodybuilding. He has been a man of unmatched talent and sheer determination that made him gain the possession of Olympia titles four times.

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Though he wasn’t from a supportive background, the fitness icon didn’t let his deprivations become a major part of his life. His desire that sparked for bodybuilding took an unforgettable turn at the age of 20 and since then, he has continued to shape his career step by step. However, the journey was rather rough and daunting. Recently, the IFBB Pro Cutler Cast his mind back to his inspiration, which made him the world’s greatest bodybuilder.

What made Cutler get into bodybuilding?


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The illustrious bodybuilder, Jay Cutler, stays active on the internet and always seems so curious to tell fans about his life, inspiration, odds, and so on. Now, he has been recognized as the fan-favorite bodybuilder whose abundance of fitness knowledge also leads to the fulfillment of millions of fans’ fitness dreams. This time he opened up on his inspiration that pushed him into fitness and bodybuilding. In a recent Instagram post, he shared a video in which he was asked about his inspiration that got him started bodybuilding. 

On being asked about his inspiration, he said “The funny thing is I saw a picture of Chris Dickerson when I was 12 and he was someone I looked at I said wow can’t believe his body looked like this.” Revealing the name of his inspiration, he said further, “But honestly the Bob Paris Physique was ideal to me that’s what bodybuilding was to me.” 

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Talking about Cutler’s inspiration, Bob Paris is a versatile actor, writer, and professional bodybuilding. He is also famed as a civil rights activist and public speaker. Apart from Bob Paris, Mr Olympia also sheds light on Dickerson for an enchanting ripped body. However, he gave preference to Bob Paris.


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While Cutler has been vocal about his inspiration in a recent interview, he himself is an inspiration for many aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Now, quite a long ago, he seemed to boost the confidence of his fellow bodybuilders by sharing a post on the internet.

4-Time Mr-Olympia himself became an inspiration for others

Jay Cutler once raised the spirits of other bodybuilders by sharing a post on his social media. The four-time Mr. Olympia winner posted a video on his official Instagram handle. Cutler believes that real champions know the art of dealing with the odds perfectly and they have a kind of potential that helps to pick themselves up. According to him, one should take setbacks as a chance to move forward, leaving past unfavorable circumstances behind. He said in a post, “Real champions and real winners will pick themselves up and overcome all odds. Leave the past behind, turn failure into opportunity,” Jay captioned the post. In the video, Jay explains how losing his title to Dexter Jackson in 2008 became a blessing to him in the long run.”


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From starting a career at the age of 20 to winning four Mr. Olympia titles, Jay Cutler has not forgotten to credit the inspiration that made him touch the bodybuilding sky. What’s your take on his inspiration?

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