“No Way He’s Natty”: Fitness World Serves Shocking Verdict on Logan Paul Before Dillon Danis Fight as Bodybuilding Icon Declares Him on Steroids With “Certainty”

The bodybuilding industry is always trying to figure out if a bodybuilder is natural or not. Since there are several pieces of equipment and supplements available nowadays, it is hard to say who is lying and who is not. Fitness enthusiasts like the Liver King who claim to be natural have already been exposed. Now a new target is Logan Paul, who has been on a meteoric rise in the WWE since his debut. The YouTuber’s athleticism and natural charisma have become the highlight of his boxing career.

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The 28-year-old has an estimated worth of $19 million and is known for being a social-media influencer, and a professional wrestler. He has been preparing for his latest fight with Dillon Danis. Kenny Ko, who is a fellow bodybuilder, and the founder of ‘Natty or Not’ had some questions about his physique while fans also gave a shocking verdict about the same.

Kenny Ko questions if Logan Paul is natty 


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In a recent Instagram reel, Kenny Ko shows a small snippet from his podcast named ‘Natty or Not’ where his latest subject is, Logan Paul. The Maverick is preparing for his match with Dillon Danis, an American mixed martial artist, who competes in the Welterweight division of Bellator MMA. Paul is training hard for the match and looks shredded and is ready to fight the man who accused him of using steroids.  This is where Kenny starts doubting the YouTuber, who has 23 million subscribers. At the start of the video, Kenny asks whether Paul is a natty or not. Then he explains why he thinks Paul might not be natural and might be taking steroids.

Kenny, who faced a controversial court hearing with 4-time Mr. Olympia Jeremy Buendia, did not hold back while explaining about Logan Paul, not being natural. He said, “Everyone wants to know with this recent fight coming up against Dillon Danis. Logan Paul is looking a little bit extra saucy.” He makes his audience think and contemplate by asking, “If you think about it, he’s boxing, should you be building muscle while boxing? No. Now are you gonna be more shredded, more conditioned? In better shape? Yes.” After the verdict about being shredded, Ko goes on to talk about the difference between a bodybuilder’s physique and a boxer’s. “But there is a big difference when you notice a bodybuilder versus a boxer’s physiques,” says the personal trainer and fellow boxer. 

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Then he comes back to his reasoning about Paul not being natty and says, “So for Logan Paul, to not only supposedly be getting better at boxing he is also getting more juicy in the arms, the shoulders, his chest. Everything is growing and is showing signs of being not natural.” Lastly, he concludes, “I can say with pretty high credibility and certainty that Logan Paul is not natural.” Ko finally concludes that according to him, Logan Paul is not natural and is taking steroids. Fans seem to be accepting Kenny’s opinion as well.

Fans of boxing claim Logan Paul is not natty

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According to the fans, both Dillon and Kenny are right in assuming that Paul uses steroids to get jacked. One fan wrote about it as if it was obvious and said, “Dude is doing WWE…he’s not natty!” Another fan explained the reason in detail saying, “Yes, there’s no way he’s natty. Training combat sports hardcore causes weight loss and turns you into an endurance athlete. detail, Muscles will usually get smaller and denser to produce more power too. And as you point out, Logan Paul doesn’t look like that kind of athlete. Either he’s been skimping out on martial arts or he’s on the juice (or both).”


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One fan was convinced just by hearing WWE and said, “WWE only argument I need.” Another commented on the contrast of Logan’s body with his brother Jake and said, “Jake trains way harder than Logan and is softer than him. Logan is looking anabolic lol.” One follower complimented Kenny saying, “One of the only channels that won’t stop calling people out !! keep up the posts Kenny.” So what do you think? Is Logan Paul natty or his claims are false? Tell us your opinions in the comments. 

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