“Needless Wobbling”: 51YO Dwayne Johnson’s Shocking “Chain Workout” Slammed by Exercise Scientist

Everyone follows Hollywood celebrities and what they do regarding food, skincare, and even fitness. Bodybuilding and workouts are hyped up by celebrities and they curate different kinds of workouts that fans become obsessed with. However, it is not guaranteed that the workout is going to be effective, and this is where veteran professional bodybuilders break the notions of Hollywood workouts. Dr. Mike Israetel is one such veteran bodybuilder and fitness scientist who helps in discerning the difference between an effective workout and an exercise just for the social media views. 

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In the latest video of Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Israetel reacts to the best and the worst Hollywood workouts in celebrity training videos. He also evaluates how effective these workouts are based on the current fitness science.

Dr. Mike disapproves of Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s workout


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The Rock, who is very famous as an action and comedy hero in Hollywood, started his fitness journey when he was just a teenager, and since then he has never left lifting iron. To ensure that he does not skip a single workout day, he has created a gym in the basement of his house. He also uploads videos of his daily training for the fans so that they can incorporate the same exercises into their routine.

However, the bodybuilder with a Ph.D. in sports physiology does not agree with the latest workout that The Rock has shown in his Instagram video. Dwayne was seen working out with dumbbells that were attached to long chains. While watching the video, Dr. Israetel said that the huge chains would not really help in optimizing bicep curls. He said, “What chains do is create needless wobbling which destabilizes your body and actually reduces force production by your shoulders, almost every time you destabilize the system, it is unable to produce much force.” Therefore, since there is no center of gravity while using chains in a dumbbell, there is no proper force that is exerted in the biceps and the exercises are futile. 

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So, according to Dr. Mike, the exercise is, “Not as effective as just a pair of dumbbells.” The bodybuilder does not disagree with The Rock. However, he talks about what differentiates between an actual workout, and a workout just to get views from social media. He similarly also dissected Kumail Nanjiani’s workout routine before.

Kumail Nanjiani did not get approval from Dr. Mike Israetel


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The actor and Marvel superhero transformed his physique exponentially to play the superhero Kingo in Eternals. The exercise scientist was not impressed with the comedian’s workout video. In the YouTube video “Kumail Nanjiani’s Hollywood Workout: Exercise Scientist’s Critique,” the Ph.D. holder dissects the workout video uploaded by the actor and gives his own input.

The video reflected the actor /comedian’s low-range scoop workout. Nanjiani said in the Men’s Health video, “What you do is with these cables you bring your hands together, it’s like you’re sort of holding water and then you raise it up a little bit and you try to not engage your delts at all.” 

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However, Dr Israetel said, “In order for him to lift the weight up after the scoop has occurred it almost exclusively is the force generated by the front delts. There’s no way to not have your delts do this!” He explained the technicalities further, and concluded that this was not an effective shoulder exercise. 


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So clearly, there is a difference between the workout for social media and the actual workout which is to gain muscles. Do you think the Hollywood workout is actually worth it? Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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