“Need More Help”: Bodybuilder Who Also Gives Dating Advice Delves Into the Aggressive Use of Steroids During Competitions as Compared to Off-Seasons

When it comes to providing more power and strength to the body to get the desired fitness results, the use of steroids seems to be an ordinary practice in the realm of bodybuilding. Whether to win the battle or boost muscle mass with no competition ahead, the legends never shy away from consuming these body-enhancing drugs. And the list of the bodybuilders who use it has no end. 

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Despite the fact that steroids often lead to unwanted consequences, the consumption of the drug hasn’t been put on hold yet by many. Many fitness figures consume it to provide calories to the body so that its efficiency can be enhanced. Derek MPMD, the dating expert and bodybuilder, brings his life facts to the light that revolves around steroids.

Dating expert-turned-bodybuilder talks about the aggressive use of steroids 


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Derek MPMD is a well-known fitness entity that has roots in other fields as well. In a recent interview with Petter Attia, he blatantly spoke about the use of steroids to give more power and strength to the body. He himself uses these power-boosting drugs as believes that they are good at balancing the calorie level in the body. 

Considering the steroids the best option for calorie deficiency, he said, when I am trying to diet down aggressively yeah when I’m in a calorie deficit I need more help on the anabol though it’s like what threshold is it to preserve tissue at the end of the day. The use of steroids in the realm of bodybuilding is considered a secretive thing; however, the world knows it quite well. 

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Despite the fact that it is kept under wraps, many bodybuilders come forward and reveal the necessity of the drug. Derek is among those who spread the knowledge about steroids and he himself admits to the consumption of them. With the aim of ensuring tissue strengthening and improving calorie deficiency in the body, he himself consumes steroids. To make a long story short, the use of steroids has been prevalent in the bodybuilding world for a long time. Steroids’ relationship with the bodybuilding realm is a matter of debate that may reach no conclusion. 

Steroids are part of bodybuilding 

One of the iconic bodybuilding legends, Ronnie Coleman feels no shame in discussing steroid use. Just like him, there are many who consider the drug consumption required for quick body-strengthening results. Most believe that everyone knows about it. Though Ronnie has no issue discussing it, his bodybuilding career embraces heights without the use of steroids. But once he was introduced to steroids, he must have faced some unwanted results. Besides Ronnie, there are many who have been using steroids for decades. And still, they have a good life and family said Mike Mentzer, an IFBB pro bodybuilder.


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Derek talks about the aggressive use of steroids during competitions as compared to what they are taking off-season. He believes that aggressive use of steroids is required for many reasons and calorie deficiency is one of them. What do you think of it?

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