“My Wife Didn’t Know How to Do That”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Hilariously Pokes Fun at Kennedy Princess Maria Shriver for Not Knowing a Basic Chore

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife have been in each other’s life for over 40 years. The seven-time Mr. Olympia and the Kennedy princess Maria Shriver started dating in 1977. After dating for almost a decade, they got married in 1986. Later on, they welcomed their first child. The co-parents of four children shared an amazing bond throughout their relationship. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the couple separated in 2021.

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However, in a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Schwarzenegger shared some humorous experiences. He has the talent to make any serious situation into a fun experience. Commenting on similar lines, while giving advice to Jack Whitehall, he shared a glimpse of his marriage.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared an amusing insight into his married life


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Whitehall is filming a documentary series for Netflix which are based on fatherhood and parenting. Austrian Oak asked a simple yet interesting question to Whitehall, “What is the main thing you’ve learned since you have a child now?” Whitehall didn’t simply answer. In response, he asked Arnie to give some advice on parenting, and his answer made everyone laugh very hard.

Schwarzenegger did give him advice and in the process, mocked his ex-wife a little. “I think that the important thing what my wife and I we kind of split up the responsibilities yeah uh she was in charge of education and of uh making them really good human beings yeah and uh,” this expression made the audience laugh again. In addition, he explains he was in charge of the discipline he taught his children how to do their own chores.

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Schwarzenegger mentioned, “I was in charge of the discipline and uh so I made the kids to you know I taught them how to turn off the lights when they leave the room uh not to waste water because you know we have droughts in California um how to wash their own clothes by the time they were like five-six years old they had to wash their own clothes and their bed sheets and make their own bed and so I taught them how to do that uh my wife did not know how to do that.” The Predator star has passed down the legacy and discipline he learned from his father and, during his time in the military, to his children.

Schwarzenegger forging discipline and life lessons


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The former governor also shared that during his formative years, while grinding to make his career in bodybuilding, he lived independently. During this time, he learned valuable lessons. Additionally, his military service played a pivotal role in his overall growth. He realized discipline is the groundwork for achieving greatness in life. Notably, Schwarzenegger’s father’s own military service further reinforced the importance of discipline in their family.

Nevertheless, the legend effectively instilled discipline in his children. However, he openly discussed his failed marriage several times and even addressed it in his recently published book ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools For Life,’ where he candidly accepted that his own mistakes caused their separation. As he mentioned in the video, with his bad experience, he often advises others to ‘Don’t scr*w up.


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