“My Father Hung Himself When I Was 6”: 34-YO Bodybuilding Influencer Opens Up on His Childhood Trauma in an Upcoming Documentary

The bodybuilding and fitness world is not only about having a chiseled body, many believe it also comes with a sense of responsibility, especially when you become popular. Many bodybuilders also come out with their own life experiences so that no one goes through what they did in their past. In recent times, bodybuilder and social media sensation Bradley Martyn decided to spread awareness about mental illness through the Internet. He shed light on his childhood trauma

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Earlier, The Generation Iron released a teaser trailer for Bradley Martyn’s documentary, where he opened up on his journey from his childhood to now. In the teaser, he divulged the trauma he faced while growing up and his battle during the pandemic.

Bradley Martyn’s revelation 


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The trailer starts with him talking about his father’s death and how he overcame it. Martyn found solace in bodybuilding and used it to help millions by promoting fitness and positivity through his social media. Martyn’s story is all about how he stayed strong in hard times and found the purpose of his life amid difficulties.

The 34-year-old influencer revealed how his father passed away. Sharing a story that many would find difficult to do, especially after losing your father at such a delicate age. He said, “My father was severely depressed. My father hung himself when I was six.” Depression and anxiety are mental states where your mind takes over every action and emotion. It often overwhelms you with a flood of sorrow, making it challenging to extricate yourself from it.

Martyn confessed, “I used to think if I’m like my father, am I going to end up like my father?” He used to worry a lot because of the fear that he might end up like his father. This fear, however, played a significant role in his success as he turned it into motivation and helped others overcome their suffering.

Martyn fought to provide fitness during the pandemic


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Martyn started his fitness journey early, delved into the world of bodybuilding, and competed in several competitions. Afterward, he started a YouTube channel in 2014, which now has over three million subscribers. In the trailer, he also revealed his fight during COVID-19, when the government shut down everything due to the deadly virus.

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He fought back and made sure that gyms were open. “I guess we’re not supposed to be open, but I really wanted to have it open because I know how important this is for some people,” said the fitness influencer. His whole story will be witnessed by countless individuals once the film is released.


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What do you think of Bradley Martyn’s story so far? Share your thoughts on how he used his trauma and converted it into motivation.

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