“My Best Tony Montana Impression”: Emulating Al Pacino From Scarface, Bodybuilding Beast Celebrated His 4th Olympia Win in Style

Dorian Yates marked a historic win and soon started to be respected as the first Englishman who embraced the Olympia title 6 times. The road to Olympia was indeed not straightforward, but it was rather full of disappointments and challenges. But he coped with them all and made his way to the bodybuilding’s most renowned competition. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

Now, the bodybuilder with 260 lb is known for creating a buzz on the internet with his day-to-day posts about training and lifestyle. Recently, he celebrated his 4th Olympia victory by pretending to be someone infamous from the entertainment world.

6-Time Olympia Winner recalls his 4th historic Olympia victory


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Dorian Yates is a well-known name in bodybuilding and today, he needs no introduction at all. His ripped physique and Olympia’s victory describe him well. The Olympia winner seems to be at an important stage of his life where he commemorates all his victories in his own unique ways. Recently, he shared a post on Instagram with a thrill-inspired caption. He also uploaded a photo of him taken after the Olympia competition. The caption of the photo made everyone remember Al Pacino From Scarface, a popular crime drama. The caption says, Giving it my best Tony Montana impression in a XXL Versace shirt😎 This was taken after the Mr. Olympia of course😉, where I was able to celebrate a job well done💪

Tony Montana is a renowned fictional character in America’s crime drama, Scarface, named after the titular character who happens to be a charismatic kingpin. It is a character that gained a lot of recognition across the country. Having seen this post, one question came to many minds why did the bodybuilder choose to look like Montana? His post-Olympia throwback picture made viewers recall a villainous fictional man. 

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Once a person reaches the top and becomes a legend in the field, he develops a unique taste and way of doing things. This same case might be with our muscular man, Yates. Recently, 61-year-old Mass Monster Dorian Yates unveiled a secret behind its Olympia-winning body.

Dorian Yates Olympia-Winning Physique Secret

The secret of Yates’ muscular body lies in HIT, which is High-Intensity Training. He revealed that he continued to follow the routine for around 4 days a week. The method Yates followed is all about intense training. He chose to do short workouts but with optimum strength and effort. After gaining immense knowledge about fitness and bodybuilding during his career, the champ guides his fans through ways to achieve an Olympia-ready body. “I believe that it’s a good idea to cycle the intensity of your workouts,”  he said once about his intense training method.


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The Olympia winner, Dorian Yates celebrates his 4th Olympia victory in his own unique way. This time the bodybuilder decided to be a fictional, infamous character, Tony Montana. Did you like his Montana impression? let’s know below.

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