“Most Competitive”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Foe-Turned-Friend Sylvester Stallone Makes Riveting Disclosure as He Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone’s rivalry is among the most legendary Hollywood rivalries. The duo debuted around the same time, and the 1977 Golden Globe Awards set them on a collision course. Arnie and Sly shared the nomination for a special category, ‘New Star of the Year’ in 1977. However, the Rocky actor wasn’t impressed when Schwarzenegger won the Golden Globe.

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Tensions flared from the moment they met, and they nearly brawled at the award ceremony. Since then, Sly and the Austrian Oak became foes. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s rivalry played out. However, with age, the two reconciled. Recently, Sly announced Schwarzenegger’s involvement in his upcoming documentary/biopic (Sly). When asked about the bodybuilding legend, Schwarzenegger made a riveting disclosure about his foe-turned-friend.

Sly’s honest confession about Arnold Schwarzenegger


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The duo started on the wrong foot at the Golden Globe Awards. However, their rivalry only intensified. In the coming years, the two action heroes grew into box-office juggernauts. They were constantly at odds with one another and went far beyond comparing box office numbers. The two rivals even compared how many onscreen kills they got per film.

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However, as the hot-headed action stars grew older, they gradually reconciled their differences. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sylvester Stallone touched on his relationship with Arnie. While speaking about Schwarzenegger appearing on Sly, the 77-year-old confessed how he feels about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While recounting about his life shown in the documentary, the ET reporter said, “I’ll like seeing Schwarzenegger in this too.” The Rambo actor enthusiastically said, “Yes!” The reporter added that she’d enjoy seeing Schwarzenegger “considering you were competitors.” Stallone confessed to ET that they were “the most competitive,” rivals in Hollywood. However, he also said, “But now I understand the fella.” Arnold Schwarzenegger once revealed how intense their rivalry had become.

Arnie argued with James Cameron about competing with Stallone

After the massive success of The Terminator (1884), fans awaited a sequel with bated breath. James Cameron took his time with the sequel. The filmmaker wanted to trump the first installment and make sure the plot was equally as strong as the action. However, the Austrian Oak fumed when Cameron said he had to play a Terminator who doesn’t kill.


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I was killing 68 people in the first one. In the second one, I have to kill 150,” the bodybuilding legend argued. “We gotta outdo Stallone,” added the former Mr. Olympia. However, Cameron would not give in. The pair reached an agreement, and Arnie later realized why compromising Cameron’s vision for a rivalry would’ve harmed the iconic film.

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While Sly and Arnie had differences, the two men are now great friends. Are you excited to see Schwarzenegger in Stallone’s upcoming Netflix documentary?

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