Months After Remembering Auschwitz Victims, Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Again “Saddened” by Yet Another Atrocity: “So Many People Have Gotten Killed”

In March 2023, Arnold Schwarzenegger published a video on social media. In the video, the former governor recalled his visit to Auschwitz. The 76-year-old remembered the grim traces of ethnic cleansing by the Nazis inside the concentration camps. While recounting his experience, the bodybuilding icon passionately addressed his viewers and pushed for unity and compassion. 

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However, on October 7, the former governor again felt upset after learning about the escalation of conflict in Israel and Palestine. The move might hint at an imminent escalation of the conflict through ground assault. Earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his opinion on the volatile situation unfolding in the Mediterranean.

Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks silence in the Israel-Palestine conflict


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While appearing on the MSNBC show Morning Joe, the host asked Arnold Schwarzenegger for his opinion. The reporter asked for Schwarzenegger’s perspective as he had grown up in a country ravaged by World War II. Arnold had also learned about the holocaust at a young age. “I think it is a horrific thing that has happened. (An) unprovoked attack on Israel, tremendous violence,” said Schwarzenegger.

“So many people have gotten killed. I mean, totally unjustifiable action,” Schwarzenegger said on the show.

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In September 2022, the 76-year-old visited Auschwitz, which houses reminders of the atrocities the Nazis committed. The ongoing conflict has once again upset the former governor. “You know, I was saddened when I saw it,” Schwarzenegger told the host.

The 76-year-old also said that such conflicts are happening across the globe. The Russo-Ukrainian war, the conflicts in Africa, and now the reigniting of the Israel-Palestine conflict. “All over the world, there is this unnecessary violence,” said the seven-time Mr. Olympia.

However, Schwarzenegger thinks he has the answer to the rise of such conflicts.

The former governor spoke of a possible solution

The bodybuilding legend asked why such conflicts broke out. “Because of a lack of communication, lack of understanding,” stated Schwarzenegger.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger said people “can go much further in life by working together and working out things.” However, many are resorting to violence rather than working on solutions.

“Violence as we’ve seen in history has never gotten us anywhere,” said the 76-year-old. Hence, Schwarzenegger believes that teamwork at every level is the need of the hour. Schwarzenegger said everyone, from voters to leaders, should work together to solve pressing issues.


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While the bodybuilder expressed his opinion, the Israel-Palestine conflict escalated. Despite a call for peace from current and former leaders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the situation remains dire.

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