“Minimum of Proteins, Carbs and Fats”: Dispelling Myths About Certain “Must Eat Foods”, Exercise Scientist Makes Fitness Sustainable Amidst Unsolicited Advice Floating Around

Bodybuilding is probably one of the only sports that requires a very specific diet and a disciplined workout every day. Since the main component of the sport is not to kick the ball to the goal post or have a perfect touchdown but to show a near-perfect body, it is important to maintain one’s health. The fitness world is always searching for the best diet, and in this process, they come across many fad diet tips on the internet that might not be effective. However, bodybuilding champion and exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel brings a different perspective on food intake for the best fitness.

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The Ph.D. holder in Sports Physiology is also the current head science consultant for Renaissance Periodization. In the latest video by the channel, Dr. Israetel provides shocking revelations that all food groups are not necessary for health.

Mike Israetel spills the beans on the best diet


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Dr. Israetel starts the video by giving a succinct introduction to what fitness enthusiasts are exposed to through magazines. Since fitness has become such a popular aspect of people’s lives, we cannot do without consulting the internet or different magazines to know what the best diet is. Dr. Israetel completely disagrees with this and refuses the idea that there are a certain number of food groups that are compulsory for good health.

He then went on to refute that kiwi, avocados, and beef are supposed to be the most important ingredients in any person’s diet, and without them, there is no use for healthy eating. However, he again disagrees with the modern notions of some fitness gurus. Dr. Israetel then reveals the most surprising fact: we do not even need to eat certain food groups and can still be healthy. He said in the video, “You don’t have to eat grains straight up; you don’t have to eat fruits!”

Dr. Israetel is a sports nutrition consultant at the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Johnson City, Tennessee. So his advice is surely more scientific and foolproof than fad fitness tips online. He touched upon veganism, where people do not eat any form of meat but still stay healthy. According to him, “You really only need a certain amount minimum of proteins, carbs, and fats. And if you consume most of those through healthy sources, like if you have some whole grains, some veggies, some fruits, any one of those three, you are pretty good to go.”

For fitness enthusiasts, he added, “And if you take some kind of lean protein and maybe take a multivitamin every day, your bases are covered. And kind of everything on top of that is BS.” While talking about veganism along with this, Israetel admitted that it was much healthier in the 1990s.


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Mike Israetel does not like modern veganism

While talking about how people did not need to eat all food groups to stay healthy, the discussion went to veganism. Dr. Israetel explained how vegans in the 1990s were far healthier than vegans today.

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When you look at the kinds of folks that vegans used to be in the 90s and early 2000s before the vegan junk food industry was born, they were some of the healthiest people on the planet,” he explained in his video. They never ate meat and consumed the right vitamin supplements. But now, this is not the case.


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The scientist and bodybuilder broke the notion that one needs to eat from all food groups to have a balanced diet. In this era of instant fitness solutions and fitness fads, the exercise scientist is breaking a lot of myths and helping the community know the truth. What do you think of his ideas? Tell us in the comments.

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