“Mindset of a Monster”: Inspired by Mike Tyson’s Brutal Knockouts, 330 Lbs Nigerian Lion Braces His Ironclad Self Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

To achieve greatness in the realm of a sport like bodybuilding, one doesn’t merely rely on physical prowess. Instead, a unique mental fortitude often carves the journey—a certain “mindset” that separates the good from the great and the ordinary from the extraordinary.

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For Mike Tyson, a legendary boxer and once known as “the baddest man on the planet,” this mindset was evident in every jab, every uppercut, and every knockout. Today, another athlete, from a different discipline, is drawing inspiration from Iron Mike, bodybuilder Samson Dauda.

Samson Dauda’s admiration of Mike Tyson


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Recently, Dauda, fondly known in the bodybuilding community as the “Nigerian Lion”, weighing 330 lbs, took to his Instagram to share a personal reflection. Through a fleeting Instagram story, viewers witnessed Dauda engrossed in a television feature that celebrated Mike Tyson’s most brutal and aggressive knockouts.

It was not just Tyson’s technique that caught Dauda’s eye, but rather the determination and mindset of a true warrior. Samson captioned his story with a simple yet powerful phrase, “Mindset of a monster.”

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Mike Tyson was a famous boxer with strong punches and a unique style. He was quick and powerful, which intimidated other boxers. In 1986, he became the youngest heavyweight champion, and nobody has broken that record yet. Samson Dauda is drawing parallels from the boxing ring to the bodybuilding stage.

The bodybuilding Quest of Samson Dauda


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As everyone looks forward to Mr. Olympia 2023, all eyes are on Samson Dauda. Many see a bit of Mike Tyson in him because of his strong presence. What’s really interesting about Dauda is how deeply he thinks and what inspires him. Dauda’s mindset is clear. Watching legends like Tyson, he gets the motivation to work hard for this year’s Mr. Olympia.

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Even though Tyson’s fierce punches seem different from the detailed and calm world of bodybuilding, the mindset is pretty much the same. Whether in boxing or bodybuilding, success comes from hard work, bouncing back from challenges, and truly believing in yourself.


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Drawing inspiration from Mike Tyson’s determination, Dauda, the “Nigerian Lion,” exemplifies the same unyielding spirit as he prepares for Mr. Olympia 2023. Just as Tyson’s knockouts resonated in boxing, Dauda’s drive could redefine bodybuilding. Their shared mindset showcases the power of relentless ambition in the face of immense challenges. Will Samson Dauda be able to dominate the championship this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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