Michael Jordan’s Personal Trainer Divulges the Breakthrough Exercises He Made Him Do During His Peak: “People Are Just Discovering Now”

Michael Jordan, widely recalled by his nickname, MJ, made such an impact on the American professional basketball world that the official website of the NBA has even acclaimed him as the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan managed to solidify his position by playing for the NBA for fifteen long seasons and winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls.

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Apart from his free-flexed basketball skills, Michael Jordan is also regarded as one of the fittest players and, well, a lot of the credit for this goes to his coach, Tim Grover. In a recent interview, Grover revealed all the tricks of the trade that he had imparted to Jordan.

Tim Grover unravels the secret training regime with Michael Jordan 


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The official YouTube channel of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon shared snippets from one of their episodes where Tim Grover was featured as a guest. As the video gradually progressed, Grover was asked about the training methods that he used with Michael Jordan, when he was at his peak, playing for the Chicago Bulls.

To this, he replied, “They were very intense It would be either 5 am in the morning, 6 am, or 7. That was our time that we wanted to get the workouts in, and they were very intense and I was doing stuff, back – we’re talking about ’89, ’90.” Well, he would do all sorts of stuff that would help the player be able to function flexibly enough on the court. He made sure that he focused even on the smallest parts that were engaged in the game, like his fingers.

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Grover said, “I was doing back stuff where people are just discovering now. I mean we did the craziest things. I did stuff for his fingers, I did stuff for his wrists. I did stuff for his ankles.” Well, Tim Grover indeed left no stone unturned to train Michael Jordan, and his level of dedication is quite similar to many other professional athletes. But what was his journey like? 

Tim Grover’s journey of becoming a professional coach

As Tim Grover was introduced to the show by the host Jimmy Fallon, the first question that he was asked was whether he started as a trainer or not. To this, Grover said that he did start as a trainer. Narrating his journey he said that when he went to college, he was unsure about what he wanted to do.


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The subject of Kinesiology was comparatively new back then, and it fascinated him and he took it up. However, his parents were not very supportive of it, because they both were Indians, and the only profession they approved of was being a doctor. Yet, he persevered and followed his passion, explaining things to his parents, and well, the rest, as you know it, is history.

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