Michael Jackson’s Grammy-Winning Song, a Favorite of Ronnie Coleman, Took Centre Stage at His Earliest Bodybuilding Contest

Ronnie Coleman tried his hands at football before setting on his journey as a bodybuilder. The legend accepted the offer of training for a bodybuilding event in return for a lifetime membership at a Metroflex gym. But he wouldn’t have expected to become the G.O.A.T. of the bodybuilding arena. After retirement, the 59-year-old is on social media to keep his fans updated about his life.

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The King recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel that takes his 1.85M subscribers down memory lane to his first-ever bodybuilding competition after securing his Pro card. 

Ronnie Coleman’s entertaining posing routine on stage in 1992


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The bodybuilding arena is well known with rigorous training regimes and strict diet protocols. But all the hard work for months at the gym turns into a magic posing routine on the bodybuilding stage. Bodybuilders try unique ways to flex their muscles to the judges and crowds, earning applause for their efforts. Recently, Ronnie Coleman shared a throwback video displaying a unique training routine that he executed on the Muscle Beach Extravaganza show at Moody Civic Center, Galveston, Texas, in 1992.

The young 8x Mr. Olympia champion was seen on stage flexing his boulders and jacked frame in the clip, as Coleman recollected, “One of my greatest performances and my first performance as a professional bodybuilder, 1992.” Coleman was excited to show his followers an unseen video of his prime. “I worked extremely, extremely hard on some of these moves. It’s gonna blow y’all’s mind because this is something that you have never seen before,” the King said with a vibrant smile in the clip as the throwback clip kept playing.

Just as those words slipped his mouth, the video depicts young Coleman performing Michael Jackson’s famous Moonwalk step during his posing session on the stage. “I learned this from Michael Jackson himself, the Moonwalk. The first bodybuilder ever to Moonwalk on a stage, “ a proud Coleman claimed. However, he practiced his favorite for “two whole months” to ace the King of Pop’s iconic step that was first done by Jackson in 1983 Billie Jean, a Grammy winning song. Apart from posing rituals, Coleman also once shared a mandatory post-Mr. Olympia drill.

Ronnie Coleman’s post-Mr. Olympia rituals

The G.O.A.T of bodybuilding trained with unbelievable weights during his prime. Despite dislocating a disc during his heavyweight duties in 1996, Coleman pushed extremities to lift eight Sandow trophies. But after every Mr. Olympia win, the 59-year-old has a step-by-step routine to celebrate the hard work


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Revealing his after-win-drill to Arnold Classic champion Samson Dauda, Coleman said, “I got a routine. I go to the room and eat pizza. And then I leave there and go to McDonald’s, have a hamburger.” he confessed. 

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Ronnie Coleman is the epitome of hard work despite pain. His shredded physique and deadly training rituals still stun the bodybuilding world. But his fans would be surprised to witness Coleman’s iconic posing routine. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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