Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding Reveals How the Surreal Moment of Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger Changed His Life

The bodybuilding world can be one of the most amiable communities despite having the most stereotypical myths about it. While most people would expect the big-muscled bodybuilders to brawl with one another, in reality, they always impress and inspire one another with utmost respect.

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The greatest bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, leaps over all such possible rumors. His friendly nature has often been the talk of the town before. One such previous instance has resurfaced again.

Tony Pearson’s encounter with Arnold Schwarzenegger


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In a recent video shared by @GenerationIron on their YouTube channel, an old incident was brought up again. In the video, the Michael Jackson of bodybuilding, Tony Pearson shared his most treasured moments when he met Arnold Schwarzenegger. He created a vivid image of the incident and stated, “I heard this voice behind me. Now all the people around the fence they were like doing this mouth open, staring.”

Then, Pearson slowly explained that the reaction was drawn only because Schwarzenegger was standing behind him. Tony Pearson recalled Arnie saying, “You have a lot of potential. I’ve been watching you for months.” Thus representing his humble side, Pearson moves on to explain more of the incident.

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In the video, Pearson also talked about how Schwarzenegger had offered him a workout session together, which Pearson rightfully undertook.


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Schwarzenegger and Pearson exercised together

The video further delved into Tony Pearson’s memory lane. He remembered having done chest and tricep workouts with Arnie. After explaining the session, Pearson pointed out an interesting incident that happened right after. He uttered, “At the end of the workout, he took out a piece of paper, and wrote down Joe Weider’s address and directions.” Then Pearson remembered Arnie directing him, “Tell Joe I sent you”.

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The bodybuilding community always accepts new talent, as well as imparts respect to both accomplished stars and amateurs. The sportsmanship thus portrayed by the famous bodybuilding stars is often remembered with much love and admiration. Do you know another bodybuilder who approached someone like this at the height of their career? Let us know in the comments.

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