“Meat Is the Root of All Evil”: After Steroid Abuse Nearly Killed Him, Bodybuilder Who Is Now a Fruitarian Makes a Bold Statement

With the evolution of the world of bodybuilding, athletes often resort to the use of Performance-enhancing Drugs for a speedy transformation. However, more often than not, they end up abusing steroids and well, the 48 YO bodybuilder did somewhat the same. The consequences that he faced were absolutely drastic and he changed his entire mode of progress.

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Kali Muscle, a famous fitness influencer, ditched death twice due to steroids, and just when he came to the realization, he claimed his natty status and now lives only on fruits. He uses his social media to share his fitness journey with his followers and well, he recently made a bold statement.

Kali Muscle goes against meat


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Kali Muscle recently took to his official YouTube channel @kalimuscle and shared a video of himself where he was seen revealing tricks that might apparently help people live to be 1000 years old. In the video, he was seen doing a grocery haul for his diet for the following week. As the video progressed, he started talking about the disadvantages of consuming meat.

Kali Muscle said, “Meat is the root of all evil. For years they were telling people diabetes was coming from carbs and sugar. Scientists have proven that sugar can’t cause diabetes, they say it’s the meat. I don’t know, I guess it’s an uproar right now and people want to live healthy, eat healthy.”

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He even goes on to talk about how he absolutely hates taking any kind of supplements anymore given his condition. Well, why would he not hate meat, after all the benefits he received from taking up the watermelon challenge and turning into a fruitarian?

Kali Muscle gets benefits from fasting

Kali Muscle went on a watermelon challenge where he had nothing but watermelon for 32 days, and well, he could feel a huge difference. In one of his videos, exceptionally cheerfully, he said, “They got my results. I’m gonna show it to my results. Send me the paperwork. Man, they came back wow! You’re healthy as ever.” 


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Despite the fact that the initial results of the challenge did not look so good, as he passed out on the 26th day, he kept going, not losing hope. Well, looks like the effort and passion did turn out into something great. What are your thoughts on the progress of Kali Muscle? Let us know in the comments section below!

Watch This Story: 48-YO Bodybuilder Kali Muscle Who Took On a Watermelon Challenge Recently, Claps Back at Haters

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