“Man Needed a Goddamn Cement Mixer for His Shakes”: GOAT Ronnie Coleman’s Monstrous Protein Intake From Prime Leaves Fans Astounded

Bodybuilding enthusiasts around the globe have always been fascinated by the regime and diet of their idols. One such legend who never fails to astonish is Ronnie Coleman. Coleman being a bodybuilding giant undoubtedly had a massive diet during his prime days as Mr. Olympia.

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A recent video that surfaced from the archives of Muscle Mind Media’s YouTube channel provided a captivating glimpse into Coleman’s protein intake routine, a vital aspect of his muscle-building regimen. The video may have left many flabbergasted, and some amused.

Ronnie Coleman: A whopping 100g protein fix


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In the video, the bodybuilding titan adds not one, not two, but seven full scoops of protein into a hefty protein jar. And if that wasn’t enough to get eyebrows raising, Coleman spiced up his shake with an additional scoop of a strawberry chocolate mix, crafting a protein shake that could give the Hulk a run for his money.

As viewers watch Coleman in his element, it becomes clear that he isn’t just throwing scoops into his jar mindlessly. A staggering 100g. As he puts it, “Trying to get 100g. 100g of uh protein.” This goal, while jaw-dropping to most. It offers a window into the mindset and requirements of someone who isn’t just working out but is aiming for an unparalleled physique.

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The addition of the strawberry and chocolate mix isn’t just a flavor enhancer. “meal 3 to come around” Coleman said, further paints a picture of the meticulous planning and discipline that goes behind building a body that’s worthy of eight Mr. Olympia titles. Yet, while Coleman’s routine exemplifies his discipline, it’s the reaction of his global fanbase that truly amplifies the impact of this video.

Fan Reactions: Amusement, admiration, and absolute shock


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It’s not just Coleman’s protein intake that caught attention, but also the colorful reactions from fans worldwide. One fan humorously remarked, “Man needed a goddamn cement mixer for his shakes”, highlighting the colossal protein portion Coleman consumes. Another comment read, “Misters do monster things”, aptly summarizing Coleman’s larger-than-life approach to bodybuilding.

Amidst the humor, there was clear admiration. Some fans were left amazed, with one stating, “3/4th of the fucking cup is protein powder”. But it wasn’t just Coleman’s protein game that left fans entertained. His endearing demeanor also got a shout-out from a fan, noting, “His laughter is contagious”. Yet, amidst the laughs and gawks, one comment playfully took a dig at Coleman’s math skills, suggesting, “When you failed math but still have the spirit.”


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While the video was a short snippet from Coleman’s day, it provided fans and bodybuilding aspirants a precious insight into the life of a legend. The dedication, discipline, and even the humor showcased why Ronnie Coleman will always remain an inspiration to many.

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