“Majority of People Have Somewhat Counted Me Out”: With 30 Days Left, 295 Lbs Bodybuilding Beast Fghts Against Critiques to Win Mr. Olympia 2023

Nick Walker is a new-generation bodybuilding champion, and he is better referred to as The Mutant by fans and fellow bodybuilders. He has become an influential figure after earning 3rd place in 2022 Mr Olympia. The 5’7” and 250 lbs giant is a huge threat to the contenders of the 2023 Olympia. This year is going to be a cutthroat battle, and every bodybuilder is gearing up for the November competition. There are monsters like Samson Dauda, Hadi Choopan, and Chris Bumstead, among others, who will make this competition more exciting.

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However, Nick seems to be confident in his abilities and is ready to lift the Sandow trophy, even if people might be doubting him. In the latest podcast of Pure BS episode 16, he talked about his mindset for the upcoming competitions.

Nick Walker will prove his haters wrong


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Quinton, Justin, and Nick sat down to speak about bodybuilding, new training, Justin’s prep, and Nick’s preparation for the Olympias. While talking about Walker’s chest conditioning, the others were astonished at his amazing body. Walker said that the Instagram picture they were referring to was from the day after he went to Bary’s.

Walker was complimented on his tiny waist, along with massive quads and biceps. When The Mutant was asked how he was feeling about the Mr. O competitions that were coming up, he declared his honest opinion. He said, “I am excited.” He was excited but also added that he was a bit fed up with people’s opinions. Walker continued, “I do because you know this entire prep, I feel like the majority of people have somewhat counted me out. And I embrace that I do thrive off that type of sh*t .”

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He warned his haters saying, “Keep watching do you know I don’t know how many more times I gotta keep proving you motherf*** wrong. And I keep doing it every single year.” Walker is not afraid to face hate or challenges, and he embraces both positive and negative outlooks. He also added that his muscle maturity has grown this year which gives him an advantage. He previously admitted that he did not have the best genetics, but he will achieve the trophy with his hard work.


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Nick Walker does not have good genetics

While speaking to Jay Cutler Nick was asked a question by the 4 time Mr Olympia winner. Cutler asked, “A question I have with you is, you know leading into the 2023 Olympia and you hear all this, I’m coming this, I’m doing that. What’s your mindset?

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The beast with 22.7 inch biceps answered, “Look I know I don’t have the best genetics as far as aesthetics go but those things are improving now. In my opinion, if I have the Arnold conditioning with the Olympia fullness that I had and combine those I believe I will win without a question.”


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The bodybuilder who chose this passion to channel his anger in a good way is confident that he will win the Sandow trophy. No one can dim his determination. Do you think he will win?

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