‘Made in USSR Lab’, Kendall Jenner’s Bodybuilding Doppelgänger Unveils Secret Kitchen Essentials Helping Her Maintain Beast-Like Physique

As the age-old saying goes, “Muscles are made in the kitchen,” the life of a bodybuilder heavily revolves around cooking and eating. While the muscle fibers are torn in the gym, it is through a good diet that recovery is possible, leading to muscle hypertrophy. The humongous bodybuilders and fitness influencers that we often admire have to go on some serious off-season bulks to get massive.

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Russian bodybuilder Vladislava Galagan is an internet sensation at the moment, thanks to her close resemblance to Kendall Jenner. While she is going viral on the internet due to this, another factor that is hugely responsible for her success is her incredible muscles, which immediately take the spotlight. But what does Galagan eat in a day to maintain such high muscle mass? Let’s take a look. 

Vladislava Galagan gives a tour of her kitchen


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Galagan started training at the young age of 16. After training for more than a decade now, Galagan is dubbed ‘The Kendal Jenner of Bodybuilding.’ With a whopping following of more than a million on Instagram, Galagan (who is made in a USSR lab, as her Instagram bio earlier stated) recently shared her kitchen essentials in a video posted on her account. Wine and eggs were the first things visible in her fridge. “Easily digested protein, fast and hustle-free to cook. If you forgot to do meal prep beforehand, you can always make a quick omelet,” Galagan said in the video.


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“Second one would be red meat…I mainly consume it to get iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Third is poultry, it can be turkey, it can be chicken, just another source of protein, and it is easily digested,” Galagan stated.

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Continuing further, Galagan emphasized the importance of consuming enough vegetables for the proper functioning of the body. While most individuals take care of their macronutrient requirements, many of us tend to miss out on providing our bodies with sufficient micronutrients, and vegetables play a crucial role in this.

Galagan’s list of kitchen essentials continues


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Educating her audience about the importance of consuming veggies, Galagan said, “It will help you with your stool, with your digestion, and blood pressure.” An added benefit is that it also provides a good amount of minerals and fiber to the body. Next on her list is another source of protein, which is also a probiotic: cottage cheese. It helps the Russian bodybuilder with her digestion while providing her with enough protein at the same time.

“My most favorite one is white fish, so I recommend pike, tilapia, tuna, and salmon. It’s a great source of omega-3; it is low cholesterol, low in fat, high in protein; it is easily absorbed,” Galagan said. The last item on her list was balsamic vinegar, which she considers “the gem of my kitchen.”


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It has been her strict diet that has helped Galagan with her fitness regimen and in making an incredible beast-like physique. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments.

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