“Lot of People Want to Take SARMS”: IFBB Pro Coach Reveals Shocking New Muscle Building Trend Amid Raging Steroid Debate

As the online fitness and bodybuilding industry grows, some debatable practices are growing along with it. Steroid use among bodybuilders, which was mostly an issue in the professional circuit, is now taking hold of online fitness. As former pros and Mr. Olympias come clean about using performance-enhancing drugs, they are creating awareness, and educating people on these substances. However, amidst the debate on steroids, a new muscle-building substance has rapidly gained popularity.

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Former PED user and IFBB Pro Greg Doucette is among the most famous voices in the online bodybuilding community. Coach Greg has made numerous videos on steroids and their side effects. In his most recent video, Doucette analyzed a video by exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel. Israetel spoke about the muscle-building substance called SARMS. Doucette’s goal was to give his take on the substance, educate his audience, and debunk any myths.

The shocking truth about the muscle-building drug that claims to have no side effects


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The Canadian bodybuilding icon explained what SARMS does to the body. While bodybuilders have been using steroids for decades, the side effects of various steroids are well documented. SARMS is a much newer drug that has similar effects. However, these substances claim to have minimal to no negative side effects associated with using other PEDs.

Doucette and Dr. Mike Israetel disagree. The promise of no side effects is why “a lot of people want to take SARMS,” said Doucette. The 48-year-old claimed that, currently, more people take SARMS than steroids. However, like Israetel, Doucette highlighted the shocking truth behind the seemingly miracle muscle-building drug. Doucette said SARMS “are not for human consumption.”

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“They’re supposed to build muscle but without all the bad things that you’ve heard about anabolic steroids,” said Coach Greg. Issues like, “Lower levels of testosterone, not to get gynecomastia, acne, heart, liver, kidney… Problem is, they do these things!” said Greg Doucette. Hence, SARMS might not be any better than steroids. This comes days after another disturbing development about TikTok got uncovered.

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Are young men at risk?


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On 28 September, The Guardian published a concerning report on a deadly TikTok trend. The report said that young individuals aged 18 to 24 have viewed videos subtly promoting PEDs hundreds of millions of times. In the UK, people viewed content with such promotions 117 million times in the last three years. Young adults accounted for 89 million of those views.

In the US, young adults consume such content over 400 million times. While TikTok’s community guidelines do not allow such content, these videos have found loopholes. Instead of directly naming the products, such content uses suggestive jargon to trick the algorithm.

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Fortunately, influencers like Greg Doucette and Mike Israetel are on a mission to spread awareness among the youth. While SARMS might promise a lot, according to experts like Greg Doucette and Dr. Mike Israetel, these claims might be too good to be true.

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