Looking Incredibly Young, Chris Bumstead Makes a Savage Statement to His Rival Ahead of Mr. Olympia: “I’m Suc*ing Your Youth Out of Here”

Chris Bumstead is currently preparing for Mr. Olympia for the fifth time. He has been reigning champion of the classic physique category four times. Bumstead and Kalecinski compete for the same category in bodybuilding in Mr. Olympia. This time the pressure is higher because people expect him to win the Sandow trophy again. He is not only practicing with his coach, Hany Rambod but also with his rivals such as Urs Kalecinski.

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In the latest workout video on his YouTube channel, Bumstead not only worked out his biceps but also shared a conversation with his rival. At one point it also went to playful banter where Bumstead attacked Kalecinski’s age.

Chris and Urs get into a banter


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Before the start of the exercise, they were getting their energy up with protein supplements. while doing that the conversations shifted to physique and how young they look. The German hunk revealed the secret that he was in the kitchen with his partner Alicia and they were watching a video of Bumstead. Surprisingly, she had a shocking revelation to make. 

Urs said that his partner blatantly commented albeit in a lighthearted way, “Chris is looking 5 years younger…” The German bodybuilder said, “…Im like stop fu*** talking…” Then Bumstead replied to the 23-year-old, “I am sucking your youth out of here..”

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The German hunk said that it was mostly Germany and stress causing him to look older than Bumstead. The duo has had banters like this before as well, and they always keep their competition healthy.   

Chris Bumstead called Kalescinski skinny


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Bumstead had posted a previous picture where he had called his rival a skinny bear albeit in a loving manner. In retaliation, the German bodybuilder who stood third to CBum at Olympia had a reply.

Bumstead wrote, “Always good vibes with the Skinny Bear😁Grateful for the energy you bring to the stage and this division🫡 @the.miraclebear.” Upon seeing this Kalesincki playfully commented, “The signature peace pose!🔥 still waiting for the pancakes you owe me old man 👀 🥞.”

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Even though both are rivals on stage, they have a great camaraderie behind the stage and love working out together. What do you think about the friendship/rivalry? Tell us in the comments below.


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