“Lions Are Not Concerned About the Opinions of the Sheep”: IFBB Pro Coach Blasts Hater for Claiming 30-YO Bodybuilder Didn’t Deserve to Win Europa Pro

Not everyone who participates in bodybuilding contests can win. However, when one person snatches the crown from another, lots of controversies come to light every single time. When the fans of another deserving candidate aren’t happy with the results, they often try to shame the winning champion. And no matter what, they find the judgment to be faulty.

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This law of human nature is unlikely to change. After Regan Grimes recently won the European Pro 2023, many haters tried to shame him for winning the contest. They not only targeted Grimes but also attacked his coach, Milos Sarcev, in the process as well.

Regan Grimes’ coach defends his well-deserving title


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The proud coach, Sarcev, has been sharing innumerable stories of Regan Grimes after he won the European Pro 2023. While doing that, he also shed light on the haters who had been trying to discredit the champion’s win. When one of the haters tried to approach Milos Sarcev, he retorted, “Not wasting time on idiotic haters that bring bad energy.”

Furthermore, Sarcev wrote, “Big dogs don’t turn around when small dogs bark,” to put him in place. He also remarked, “lions are not concerned about the opinions of the sheep.” As the hater continues to call out Sarcev for defending Grimes from someone with only 200 followers, Sarcev replied, “I put idiots to the place they belong 1 or million followers – it doesn’t not matter.”

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While some were skeptical about Grimes winning against Nathan De Asha, many bodybuilding legends expressed their delight after Regan Grimes’ victory was announced.


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Grimes’ triumph stirs up the bodybuilding world

When Regan Grimes posted his victory photos on his Instagram, several bodybuilding beasts congratulated him. The list includes the four-time Mr. Olympia winner, Jay Cutler, as well as Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award winner Flex Wheeler. The former wrote, “Congratulations your full commitment and confidence showed this week. Savor the moment your best is coming”.

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Winners always have a number of haters who try to bring them down, no matter what. In these crucial times, the well-wishers and supporters of the champions become their only defenders. The healthy bond thus reflected by Grimes’ coach Sarcev and himself is certainly one of the finest in the industry. Do you know of any other such bonds? Name the bodybuilder and their coach you think is the greatest duo.

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