“Life Changing Decision”:Taking Cue From ‘Natty’ Bodybuilder’s Post-Win Journey, IFBB Coach Makes a Shocking Revelation

In the world of bodybuilding, influencers who churn out brutal and honest reviews are a rare breed. A renowned IFBB bodybuilder and fitness coach turned YouTuber, with his non-biased persona is one such influencer. Having been a part of the bodybuilding community for over 30 years, he uses his experience to impart knowledge to his followers. Recently, the influencer, Greg Doucette, made a video on Ronnie Coleman’s self-acclaimed son Jesse James West’s revelation after competing in a bodybuilding contest.

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Doucette shared a video on his YouTube channel about the 23-year-old fitness influencer’s experience during and after the contest. West is famous because of his weird and dangerous antics at the gym. This time he went to a bodybuilding event, about which Doucette talked to his followers.

Life won’t be the same after bodybuilding, says Greg Doucette


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The Guinness World Record holder said that West’s physique looked all-natural, and also he shared a blood report that clarified that his not using steroids. However, Doucette mentioned that when somebody has a shredded physique, they automatically look bigger than usual. The same happened with West, with tanning oil, and his ripped, pumped-up body made him look giant-like in the competition.

In addition, West confessed in his post-participation experience that he wasn’t feeling normal for a very long time he said “I was just driving, I kid you not I’m driving and I go oh my God I was like I was like I’m normal,” Greg agreed upon his statement and added, “trust me it took me weeks after a bodybuilding show even a week later going for a walk, very difficult, although I’m eating plenty of food it takes time for your body to get back to normal.

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He further added to his statement, “I caution you, anyone interested in competing this is what it’s like. It is a life-changing decision. It is so difficult that, if you do this, you may not be the same person ever again.” According to him, if anyone trying to participate in this sport, they need to be very careful because afterward your life and your body won’t be the same. Nonetheless, despite this, the young fitness influencer remains solid and went for a beastly dare called the Barbarian Challenge with Liver King, another social media influencer.

West’s weird obsession with adventure!

The challenge was for 24 hours with 6 deadly tasks for him to perform. For the first task, King loaded him with “70-pound kettlebells in each hand. It’s 70 pounds in the backpack, it’s 120 pounds already on top of a 65-pound sled 20-pound ankle weights for one mile.


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The heavy weights and the sun’s heat sure did make things hard. As part of the second task called Scorched Earth, the participant had to walk on the field barefoot. The third stage of the challenge included thermal pressures. With this, he completed all six stages of the Barbarian Challenge. The 23 YO’s caption read “I survived Liver King’s impossible challenge.” He survived the challenge and earned a gift from the Liver King.

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