“Lets Grit Our Teeth”: 65-Y.O. Jacked Granny’s Intense Approach to Fitness Leaves Internet in Dumbfounded

Granny Guns, or Marlene Flowers, has been in the bodybuilding arena for a long time now and has made her place in the hearts of fitness enthusiasts. The woman who found her bodybuilding passion in her 60s is unstoppable. She might be 65, but her strength is unmatched. After her surgery at 58, she decided to take up bodybuilding and revamp her life. The woman with 4 million followers has amassed a fitness fanbase that loves her killer biceps and gets motivated by her messages.

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Granny Guns gave a significant message with her new post, and this message was relevant to everyone, irrespective of age. Bodybuilding netizens did not waste any time expressing their thoughts.

Granny Guns shows a ‘don’t quit’ attitude


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Guns’s video starts with her flopping down onto a sofa and saying, “What a day,” and suddenly someone throws a Ryse supplement pre-workout protein powder jar at her. Granny Guns catches it like a pro and then drinks the protein shake.

The woman with muscular and veiny arms then commences to show her workout routine, where she holds on till the end and completes her reps. The last clip shows Flowers and pro bodybuilder Noel Deyzel shaking hands as the video ends. This reel was captioned by the 65-year-old that read, “We DON’T QUIT. Even on days when we feel like we can’t. Even when it’s HARD. WE KEEP GOING.”

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Some days are harder than others, but the zeal to go forward is what makes one successful. The bodybuilder, who urges people to “Go Out and Fail,” but still go on, found support from fans who commented on the post.

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Fans support Granny Guns

Netizens and fitness freaks supported what Marlene Flowers said in her video. A fitness fan said, “She’s called granny guns for a reason ☝🏽☺️.” Another fan was inspired and pumped up to achieve their goals as they wrote, “This is the motivation I needed ☺️.”

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One netizen compared her to a superhero and said, “Granny you are a superhero 🦸‍♀️🔥🔥🔥.” Another follower exclaimed, “Nah we grind even harder don’t we 👹👍.” One fan agreed with her attitude and said, “Always.. let’s grit our teeth and go do 🦵.”


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Going forward despite hurdles is what has given Granny her success. She wants the same success for others as well. Do you agree with Granny Guns’ message? Tell us in the comments below.

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